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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-10-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-10-07

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Is Brad the daddy?  Shawn confronts Hope. Fresh peeks all soaps.


All My Children

Although the situation appears awfully bleak, Kendall firmly believes in her heart of hearts that she will once again be able to resume her life with Zach.  Others criticize the young woman for not dealing with reality or claim her to be foolishly hopeless; but are the naysayers correct?  Perhaps, Kendall knows more than them all and will turn out correct when all is said and done.  Hope is the only thing we sometimes have left in this world and Kendall is holding on tight to hers!  Speaking of which, with the situation growing increasing worse for Greenlee, she could use some of Kendall's overabundance of hope! If that doesn't work, she can still count on Aidan who teams up with an unexpected ally in order to save Greenlee. Meanwhile, Adam, believes in some warped way that his actions are the resemblance of one honored with the title "Father Of The Year" may have some work to do before he can claim the title himself.  Something tells us that leaving your son -JR- in jail is not the best parenting tip.  Could there still be hope for Adam?  Is it likely that tough love is the only way he knows how to help JR at this point?  Lastly, the custody battle over Jenny grows in intensity as Tad and Krystal face off!  Will they be able to settle their differences and avoid a war in order to spare Jenny the emotional after affects?  Time will tell.  Watch All My Children to see if Kendall is granted her wish ... how JR makes sense out of his spiraling life and much, much, more!  Speed through the commercials and get ready for a bumpy, albeit, exciting ride!

As the World Turns

With his father struggling in the hospital after suffering a mild to severe stroke, Chris confides in Emily that he feels completely responsible for his dad’s condition.  In this moment of grief, will Chris turn to his former lover for some sympathy?  Meanwhile, Luke makes huge strides in his recovery effort thanks to the help of Noah.  Luke can finally walk!  This represents a whole new beginning for the duo that has been through so much so early in their relationship.  Lastly, Will encourages Gwen not to give up on the idea of adopting despite their recent disaster staged by Cole and Barbara.  Is it possible that if Will gives Gwen the time she needs to recover, she would be willing to welcome a baby into their lives?  It wouldn’t be a full week in Oakdale without Craig being up to no good; this time, Craig is off doing research regarding drugs and pregnancy.  Will his search for knowledge lead him to find whose baby Meg is really carrying?  It’s a rather strange game of father tic-tac-toe occurring in Oakdale!  More seriously, what about poor Bob?  The town would not be the same without him.  Tune in every day to As the World Turns to provide Dr. Bob the company he needs!

Bold and the Beautiful

Families coming together and family’s torn apart is the theme for this week’s episodes of Bold and Beautiful.  Still recovering from her gunshot wound and with Eric by his side, Stephanie’s main squeeze makes a shocking declaration.  What could it be?  Perhaps, he will finally fall prey to that snow bunny, Ashley, and her flirtatious tricks, but in his heart of hearts there is only one dame meant for him!  Speaking of said snow bunny, Donna visits Stephen in jail and try to concentrate on the future, not the present.  On the other side of town, Taylor finally shares in a moment with baby Jack that bonds the two.  How will she react if it turns out the egg she carried for nine months was Brooke’s?  Finally, the Logan girls throw Storm a birthday celebration in the midst of their crisis.  That is what we call bringing it together in the name of family! Will the Logans soon see Stephen freed?  What is Nick hiding from Taylor… nothing or a really big something?  Find out your answers to all these questions and more by visiting the Logans and Forresters each and every day this week!

Brandon Beemer (Shawn, Days of our Lives)Days of our Lives

Philip and Hope are going for the jugular.  Hope is well aware that her son, Shawn’s bride, Belle, turned up in Philip’s bed not long before the couple said “I do.”  She kept quiet as she did not want anything to upset her son as long as Belle promised her that she felt nothing for Philip.  Well, as time went on, Hope still recognized a spark between the two and ultimately she confronts Philip.  Only instead of backing down, Philip challenges Hope to tell Shawn what she knows about him and Belle!  Can she do it?  If she does, will Shawn wind up hating his mother the rest of his life because of what he views as betrayal?  Meanwhile, EJ is in the hot seat as Sami confronts him about his baby monitor surveillance.  Not cool, EJ.  Not cool.  Before it is time to clock out, viewers will learn how devastating EJ’s injuries are.  Will he ever walk again?  Days of our Lives is the hottest ticket in town, so don’t forget to reserve a place on you couch extra early!

General Hospital

Thus far, Luke has not proved to be the most accommodating patient due to his strong belief in living on his own terms ... even if it means causing his ultimate ruin!  The rebellious Spencer has already suffered three massive coronaries and as he is wheeled off to surgery, Tracy and assorted loved ones can't help but be concerned over whether he'll make it through!  On the other side of town, the student is given the chance to be the teacher when Spinelli sits Stone Cold down to talk some sense into him.  Something tells us it will have to do with Jason's decision to selectively choose to remove Jake from his life in order to ensure the child's protection!  However, Spinelli, for all his technobabble, is a people person and he recognizes that Jason's choice will come back to haunt him in later years.  Will Jason finally think of himself and play the role he's wanted to his entire life ... that as a father?  On the other side of town, Sam is in full command mode as she uses the festivities of the season to wrap Lucky even tighter around her pinkie.  When will Lucky come to his senses and smell the eggnog?  Finally, another beloved resident of Port Charles lost her life and as the city mourns, a tiny clue is discovered by detectives:  The attacker wore black.  Will it be enough information for the police to narrow down the list of suspects and bring the perpetrator to his knees ... even if it is one of their own?  General Hospital is full of action and heartache all this week and it's a roller coaster ride you don't want to miss!

Guiding Light

Well, the ballots have finally been tallied and the mayor of Springfield is named.  Is it Buzz or Dorothy?  Later, while Cyrus stays at Harley’s, he comforts her after she awakens from a terrifying nightmare.  Could it be that Harley has really put Gus in the past only to find a new friend in Cyrus?  How will Gus react toward their shared closeness?  Speaking of which, on the other side of town, Olivia tries to convince Gus that Harley is indeed still in love with him.  While he might replay what Olivia said in his head, all of doubts will be erased should he catch a glimpse of Cyrus leaving Harley’s house!  Finally, Lizzie insists Billy go to rehab.  Will she be able to get through to him?  Weary from competing with Josh’s shadow, Jeffrey declares “I am no Josh,” to which Reva replies “Hallelujah!”  Love can go either way this week on Guiding Light so join in on the game and see if you can determine who is paired with who.  Let’s go!

One Life to Live

Marcie continues her double life in order to protect Tommy, only this time she is no longer running from town to town.  In this instance, she has accepted a job as a waitress at the diner in Paris, Texas!  She's an official independent woman making a life for herself and her son.  More power to her!  Too bad she's not the most adept at the position.  Meantime, things are less than jolly in Llanview where Miles' life hangs in the balance just as Cole makes a startling confession.  Both of these men are suffering so much following the death of Marty, but will friends and family be enough to bring them back into the light?  Later, Cristian opens up to Blair - could it have anything to do with his secret crush?  Hmmm....  Yes, Jared's DNA test comes back in time for the Buchanans to learn the truth.  Will they have a new relative to welcome into their lives or a con artist they'd like to beat to a pulp?  Keep your nerves and check and follow every scene on One Life to Live or you may miss something very important!  Giddy up!


Life is sometimes stranger than fiction.  Apparently, being locked away for a while with Pretty allowed Luis to get to know her better and at the same develop a new admiration.  The only problem is where do Fancy and Sheridan fit in?  You can’t have all the women in Harmony, Luis, even though they all want you!  Meanwhile, Gwen cannot find a reprieve from her every day horrors and begins to be plagued by horrible nightmares!  Is she imagining a tearful end for Jonathan?  Finally, one woman receives a treat while another delivers a different kind of package; Noah gives Paloma a special holiday treat while Sheridan threatens Spike.  Most, we are sure, would prefer the former.  Will Spike heed Sheridan’s harsh words?  Will Gwen ever find her happy ending?  Passions always lives up to its hype, so tune in all this week!

Don Diamont (Brad, Young and the Restless)Young and the Restless

With his business image ruined and all the aggravation surrounding the accusations against him, Jack's personal life finally takes a hit as he and Sharon's marriage begins to disintegrate.  Marriage is not only about the easy times.  A marriage is work and if these two were meant to be then they will find a way to rise above all the tension.  Meanwhile, Victor remains determined to get his revenge on whomever caused Victoria to fall into a coma and leave her child suffering for breath.  Not far behind Victor in his worry is Brad as he continues to hope he is the baby's father, but none of this matter if the child does not make it and the situation doesn't bode well as Victoria lies in a coma and the baby fights for his life!  Not all of Victor's power in the world can save his daughter, so what can he do to feel useful?  With Victoria condition worsening, look for someone to be blamed for this wrongdoing.  Yound and the Restless is full of drama, passion and forgiveness so don't allow for any interruptions during its time slot this week!



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