First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 11-5-07

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Liason Kiss. Stephen Logan returns.  Fresh Peeks All Soaps



She plotted every move with precision. She was duplicitious to the empth degree.  Now, her plan has paid off!  Kendall's planting evidence on Greenlee's computer and arranging for Greenlee to take Spike while Kendall faked her own unconsciousness has paid off in spades.  When the police search Greenlee's computer and discover her "intent" to kidnap Spike again -- along with finding a packed suitcase and passports in her car, the coppers have no recourse but to arrest Greenlee!  Jackson is quick to realize that the evidence is enough to convict his daughter.  Will he find out about Erica's own scheme to have Greenlee committed?  If so, how will that affect their relationship?  We're not one hundred percent sure, but we do know this.  Jack concocts a plan of his own and recruits Aidan to help him get Greenlee out.  Meanwhile, a less than contrite Kendall explains to Zach that she feels totally justified in framing Greenlee. However, when Zach comes clean about his own plan to rid Pine Valley of Greenlee, Kendall is shocked. What does Mr. Slater have up his sleeve? Whatever Zach has in mind could very well be what causes Kendall to feel very guilty at Greenlee's hearing.  Or, is Kendall feeling pangs of guilt because -- and get this -- Greenlee admits to the charges!  However, just as Kendall is about to tell the truth, fireworks erupt -- yes, you heard correctly -- and in the commotion, Aidan grabs Greenlee. Is he successful in getting Green's out of the courtroom and to safety?  Will Kendall's scheme be exposed?  One way to find out. Tune in to All My Children this week!

Maura West (Carly, As the World Turns)AS THE WORLD TURNS

Carly may be ecstatic over Jack's proposal but she is smart enough to not move too fast too soon for fear that her cover will be blown; even Lily begs Carly to come forward with the truth that she was indeed misdiagnosed and will live before it's too late to ever win back Jack!  Unfortunately, Carly, the schemer, may be losing her touch.  She is not as quick as she once was in the old days and this allows Katie to get the information she's been looking for.  Perhaps Katie located the settlement check Carly was granted in light of her physician's mistake?  Meanwhile, Sofie makes a decision about her baby at the same time that Meg prepares to learn the paternity of her own!  Rosanna, aware of Meg's desire for the child to be Paul's, keeps a close watch.  And finally, Lily learns of Holden's meeting with another woman and is none too pleased.  Will she feel better upon learning that it is with the newly-returned Bonnie?  Probably not!  This is As The World Turns' week to shine so don't miss out!


With situations among the Logan sisters being less than acrimonious given all that has gone on between them in recent weeks, Stephen Logan returns home in an attempt to unite his family.  But will the women be happy to see him?  Later, Stephanie finds herself in a perilous situation at the hands of the newest Logan arrival!  Will she be able to give him what he wants in exchange for her life?  Meanwhile, Felicia and Eric both head into their separate corners and take their gloves off in a rousing shouting match where each defends their respective lady at the sound of the bell: Stephanie and Donna!  Don't miss one minute of The Bold and the Beautiful this week!


Philip refuses to deny his feelings for Belle and yearns to be with his lady once again, but incapable or unwilling to stay out of anyone's business in Salem, Kate warns the war veteran not to interfere with Shawn and Belle's relationship.  This could actually be the best advice that Kate has ever spewed forth- will Philip listen?  Elsewhere, everyone gathers to watch the wedding of the year:  Sami and EJ!  The only problem is that someone is shot at the festivity!  Talk about your deadly nuptials! Watch this mystery unfold from the beginning by catching every second of Days of Our Lives all this week!

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, General Hospital)GENERAL HOSPITAL

The week begins with Jason's life in peril. Someone's stashed a bomb on his boat.  Thankfully, he sees it before it's too late. He jumps off the boat right before the bomb explodes.  After the near miss, he heads immediately back to Wyndemere where he finds a frightened Liz.  He comforts her and decides to take her to the stables for protection. As an added buffer, he teaches her how to use a handgun.  While engaged in a safe firearms lesson, they get close and kiss.  He leaves Elizabeth to go in search of Carly.  In order to save her, he faces off in a gunfight with several thugs.  However, it's Sam to the rescue whose efforts succeed in saving them both.  Instead of showing any gratitude, Carly accuses Sam of attempting to win Jason back.  As Sam begins to justify her actions, Jason pipes up that he and Sam will never be together again.  A hurt and angered Sam seeks revenge and prepares to tell Lucky the true paternity of baby Jake.  Will she keep to her plan?  In the meantime, Luke confronts Zacchara when he suddenly has a heart attack.  Is it fatal or does he survive?  But wait? Is it Luke suffering the heart problem or Zacchara?   Only one way to find out.  Check in to General Hospital all this week.


It's a sad day in Springfield but after months of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, Harley and Gus finally say goodbye to one another.  Just as one relationship ends, however, another unusual pairing forms with the partnership between Lizzie and Dinah.  Will these two actually be able to work together without a life being lost?  Meanwhile, Olivia tells Alan that their deal is off.  How will he respond?  Another person under attack is Ashlee's mother once the girl discovers the treachery committed by her parent.  Finally, the son that Cassie pines for may have an ulterior motive in claiming his desire to be with his Mom.  Find out who is genuine and who is not all this week on Guiding Light!


Looks like kidnapping is the theme of the week on ABC daytime. On All My Children, Greens is arrested for kidnapping Spike. Here in Llanview, Marcie kidnapped Tommy. Now, two other of Llanview's citizens go missing. As Cole and Marty carry on with their daily lives, a mysterious figure follows their every move.  Is this person the cause of their disappearance?  In the meantime, back to Marcie who's days on the run may very well be over.  As John takes Marty, Blaire and Todd to New Orleans, their car breaks down.  They call for a tow truck.  Guess who is driving?  None other than Wendell, and Marcie is in the truck!  Talk about coincidence. Marcie manages to hide but it doesn't take long for John to put his policing skills to work and deduce that Wendell is indeed helping Marcie.  But as John shows up at Wendell's place, the FBI are already there.  Ramsey tells John it's too late. Does that mean they have Marcie in custody?   Keep it glued to One Life to Live this week and see!


As time passes, Pilar notices her health is suffering thanks in part to the guilt she's kept hidden.  Will she risk her life in order to keep her secrets her own?  Elsewhere, Eve faces the hospital review board in light of her poor judgment as of late.  Will she be assigned probation or stripped of her doctor privileges forever?  On the other side of town, Tabitha targets Spike for her next evil spell as Gwen blames Theresa for baby Jonathan's poisoning!  Will the situation turn suddenly violent?  Passions is the must-see show all week!


Now is not the time of trepidation!  Neil and Karen finally take their relationship to the next level, but will one of them regret their actions later?  Meanwhile, Jack attempts to throw suspicion on Victor in regard to Ji Min's death.  Who is his number one scapegoat?  Victor?  Finally, Paul takes a deep breath as he prepares to tell Heather the truth about her paternity. Another Genoa City denizen in a panic is Lauren who suffers from the reemergence of same painful memories.  Viewers should come equipped to breathe in and out slowly as the various stories unfold on The Young And The Restless this week!