First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 11-19-07

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Greens helps Zach.  Fashion is disrupted.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


Alicia Minshew (Kendall, All My Children)All My Children

Kendall thinks the worst of Greenlee, like she is the one who may have caused trouble for Zach.  Little does Kendall know that Greenlee is trying her best to help Zach. Will Greens succeed in her efforts before it’s too late for Kendall’s hubby?  At the same time, Ryan and Annie hatch a plan to catch Richie at his own game and it has to do with Babe. Will Babe agree to help them, or is she just an unwitting participant in their scheme?  Meanwhile, JR has cause for concern. Is he on the brink of being arrested?  Find out this week when you tune in to All My Children.  And don’t forget to set your vcr’s for Wednesday when Erica hosts Celine Dion on New Beginnings.  AMC is airing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with an encore presentation on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. In the encore episode, Tad arrives at a surprise party arranged by Krystal.  Greenlee dines alone.  Ryan and Annie pay a visit to Annie’s father in Chicago. Friday, AMC is pre-empted due to ABC holiday programming.  Happy Thanksgiving.

As the World Turns

Lily may have opened up to Holden and confessed to her dalliance with Dusty the night before, but Holden is not about to give her the satisfaction of showing her just how hurt he is.  How will he cover his feelings?  Does he lash out instead?  At the same time, Jack invites Katie on a date.  After all Jack’s put Katie through, that could be considered a little nervy, wouldn’t you say? Question is what does Katie say?  Will she agree to go? Does she stand him up, or simply refuse his offer?  While on the other side of town, old rivalries reach a boiling point as Craig and Paul face off.  Who will walk away the victor?  While in some rather romantic developments, Luke may not be able to feel his legs yet, but he hears a nice surprise from Noah.  Does it have to do with their being boyfriends?  Find out this week on As the World Turns.  As the World Turns is pre-emtped Thursday and Friday thanks to CBS holiday programming.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Bold and the Beautiful

It may be the week to give thanks, but in Los Angeles’ fashion world, thanks is the last thing on anyone’s mind.  Especially as a gun emerges from behind the curtain after the Fashion Show and a shot rings out.  As mayhem ensues after the shooting, Lt. Baker and Detective Charlie Baker arrive on the scene.  Who was that bullet meant for?  Is anyone wounded, or more importantly killed?  Will the Baker boys get to the bottom of the shooting before tragedy strikes again?  Find out on the Bold and the Beautiful this week.  B&B is pre-empted on Thursday for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and on Friday for CBS sports programming. Happy Thanksgiving.

Days of our Lives

Sami may have convinced Lucas to divorce for the safety of the family, but she will be shocked when he comes to her with a request.  In fact, it’s as if his latest demand is coming at her straight from left field. He asks her for primary custody of their daughter.  How will Sami respond?  Does she cave in to his wishes?  Deep down, is his behavior for the good of their daughter?  At the same time, it appears that Philip’s plea for Belle to call off the wedding fell on deaf ears as on Friday, the family gathers to celebrate the nuptials of Belle and Shawn.  Will the ceremony go off without any problems?  Keep your eyes on Days of our Lives this week and see.  Days is pre-empted on Thursday thanks to NBC holiday programming, but will air a brand new episode on Friday as usual.

General Hospital

It could prove to be curtains for the evil Zacchara this week as he finally meets his match.  Will he survive the ordeal?  Speaking of which, the stranded occupants of Wyndemere are finally rescued, but not before Carly’s life is again threatened.  Does she walk away this time?  We can’t spill all the beans but we have it on good authority that she will soon be singing a change of tune in regard to seeking out danger.  Plus, it turns out that Luke will need open heart surgery.  Will he get the operation in time? Find out this week on General Hospital.  Oh and good news, Port Charlesites.  Soapdom has just learned that GH will air an encore episode on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. In this eppy, it's Thanksgiving in Port Charles (last year).  The Quartermaines are relieved to learn that a presumed dead Jason is alive and well while the Spencer family says goodbye to Laura.  Get your hankies ready.  On Friday, GH is pre-empted thanks to ABC holiday programming.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, Guiding Light)Guiding Light

Cassie has convinced Harley to have a Thanksgiving dinner party.  Harley agrees and invites just about everyone in town, including Gus, who, interestingly, accepts.  Is this going to be a non eventual Thanksgiving?  Given the guest list, we are betting that Harley’s dinner party does not go off smoothly.  Speaking of Harley, she has decided to pursue a new, old interest.  She wants to re-open her detective agency. Will she get the support and backing she needs to make her dream a reality? At the same time, Natalia responds to Gus’s proposal. Is her answer the Thanksgiving gift Gus was after, or does she turn him down?  No flipping on Guiding Light this week and you’ll find out.  GL is pre-empted on both Thursday and Friday thanks to CBS holiday programming.

One Life to Live

Gigi is tempted by a huge reward to turn Marcie in to Todd.  Will she spill the beans? If so, will Marci fly the coop in time?  Meanwhile, Viki and Charlie B. continue to grow closer as do Jared and Jessica.  Will these new romances be allowed to flourish?  Back in Llanview, Lindsay spends some quality time with two of her favorite men, who actually reach a new understanding as a result.  Will this put an end to Bo and RJ’s constant feuding?  Find out this week on One Life to Live.  Oh and you will be treated to an encore presentation of OLTL on Thursday.  In this episode Asa Buchanan is found dead.  Llanview reacts, causing self-reflection and reconnection for the town’s denizens. Also, Joey, Kevin, Alex, Cord and Max return for Asa’s funeral.  But on Friday, One Life to Live is pre-empted.


It’s a bad week for Sheridan as she fears she’ll never see Luis again. At the same time, Luis’ mom, Pilar, experiences a sense of freedom at last as her secret is finally revealed.   While on the other side of Harmony, Theresa is taken aback when Gwen shocks her with a statement.  What does Gwen say that Theresa hasn’t heard thousands of times before?  Then, it’s a sad Thanksgiving for Tabitha because Endora is not there to celebrate the holiday with her.  Meantime, Eve gets a surprise of her own when she discovers that Vincent is pregnant!   It’s gonna be a wild week in Harmony, so keep it parked in front of the TV all week.  Good news, Passionistas. Passions airs as usual all week, Monday to Thursday.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Young and the Restless

It’s Thanksgiving and Lily’s plan for a romantic holiday dinner has gone south.  She finds comfort from an unlikely source, but will she be able to pull together dinner in time?  At the same time, Kevin visits Jana in prison on Thanksgiving with the proposal of a lifetime.  How will Jana react?  More importantly, does she accept?  See if Kevin will be giving thanks this week when you tune in to the Young and the Restless this week. The Young and the Restless is pre-empted Thursday thanks to the Thanksgiving Day parade, but will air as usual on Friday on the east coast, and at 3:00-4:00PM Pacific on the west coast. Happy Thanksgiving.