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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 10-29-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 10-29-07

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Greenlee to the looney bin?  A Passions baby at risk?  Fresh peeks all soaps



Women empowerment is felt throughout the streets of Pine Valley this week.  First, Erica wants to have Greenlee committed while daughter Kendall continues to carry out her clandestine behavior, but, this time, she is nearly caught in the act!  Will this mother and daughter tag team manage to outfox their enemies?  We can't spill all the beans, but here's what we do know:  Kendall tricks Greenlee into baby-sitting Spike, only to later phone police and file kidnapping charges.  This is done, of course, only after Kendall knocks herself unconscious with chloroform to add just the right amount of authenticity to her ruse.  Will the slightest slip-up cause her plan to go terribly awry?  Meanwhile, Annie and Ryan kidnap Richie and hold him hostage on a private plane in an effort to confront him about his alleged leukemia.  As the duo await the results of his lab work, Richie storms the cockpit!  Does Richie come clean? Will the confrontation end the ongoing family feud or all they all doomed?  Finally, Ava does her best to fight her attraction for JR while Babe shows concern for her former hubby.  Are the women in JR’s life getting in over their head?   All My Children is the show to watch all this week!


It’s not surprising what with Jack and Carly recently making love that Jack ultimately cuts ties with Katie. The newlyweds had to face a bumpy road not long after swapping vows and now Katie is left out in the cold -- or is she?  First of all, Jack makes a revealing admission to Carly in regard to Katie.  Then, there is absolutely no denying Brad’s feelings for his brother’s former betrothed, and perhaps, he will be the one who offers Katie some much needed comfort?  Meanwhile, Noah continues to feel responsible for all the bad luck befallen Luke – his accident and now his parents’ crumbling marriage - until Dusty gives Noah a pep talk.  Later, Meg and Craig reach a new understanding which could mean that Paul will ultimately be left to indeed marry Rosanna!  Finally, Emily wants to make a pact with Alison just as Will and Gwen’s situation forces Barbara’s hand.  Can the Munsons finally form the family they yearn for so deeply?  Find out by setting your TiVo for As the World Turns each and every single day this week!

Dan McVicar (Clarke, Bold and the Beautiful) THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL

Never the best of friends, Brooke proves to Taylor that she is sincere in her promise to not interfere with baby, Jack, lending to a heartwarming moment shared by Nick and Taylor.  Meanwhile, in the corporate world, CJ and Clarke make a decision regarding the future of Spectra.  Will the closing of one venture open up the doors for another?  In a pre-emptive move across town, Jackie and Nick embark on a new venture. Will it shake up the fashion world?  For all this and more information about the goings-on of the catwalk strut on over to The Bold and the Beautiful this week!


With Sami and Lucas far removed from Salem’s frenetic activity, Kate learns the truth about the twins born to the couple.  Speaking of the Roberts’ duo, one would expect this new father to be full of joy but he cannot help but be worried by the changing family dynamics.  Will he be able to adjust to the sudden change in lifestyle?  Meanwhile, Stephanie exposes Ford and his dirty deeds. Could her righteousness eventually result in what is thought to be deserved revenge later on?  Make sure to visit Salem and become a couch potato in order to catch Days of our Lives each and every day!


Thanks to Trevor's plan to have Sonny sleep with the fishes, the Port Charles mob boss finds himself in some pretty hot water during a visit to Puerto Rico.  As such, Jason learns dangerous news regarding his friend and boss, but does not share it.  The question is why not?  Who is he protecting by keeping this dire news to himself?  As a result, will Trevor's hit go as expected?  On the other side of town, Sam challenges Elizabeth while Logan makes a dangerous move as he confronts Johnny.  Later, the Black and White Ball is in full swing with many of its attendees' minds focused only partially on the gala's particulars.  For example, Carly continues in her quest to find the killer as she works her moves on the dance floor.  Also at Wyndemere, Anthony Zacchara spies on Nikolas and Emily.  Not long into the night, a dreadful storm short circuits the castle's electricity and before the problem can be rectified, one guest will be dead and another severely injured. Will Nik's grand affair be remembered as the biggest hub for tragedy in Port Charles history?   Everyone must watch his or her step on General Hospital this week ... or else!


Sometimes we have to learn to keep our impulses under control – like Dinah for instance.  She continues to be a work in progress when it comes to this caveat of life.  In response to her surrounding environment and the people she would prefer not to be around, Dinah starts a trashcan fire.  Will she come out looking all wet or will it give her the ammunition she desires?  Elsewhere, Harley and Cyrus share a shocking, albeit, tender kiss while trapped.  Once freedom is won, it is Harley who is floored by Gus’ actions.  Will she confront him immediately or play quiet?  Later, Josh and Jeffrey make a shocking discovery in their ongoing attempt to win custody of Will for Cassie while Emma gets a present from Phillip.  Will she be happy with her unexpected gift?  Take a walk on the wild side and stay tuned to the activity of Springfield’s most prominent featured on Guiding Light all this week!


With Blair busy preventing Todd and John from killing each other, Dorian takes over for the younger of the two Cramer women in helping Langston. Meanwhile, Marcie becomes more daring as her life on the run continues and she decides to hide in plain sight -- as a drag queen!  Will it cost her the life she hopes to establish with her son, Tommy, far from Llanview?  Not if John can help it...  Does her stunt pay off?  Later, Jared and Natalie -- despite their best efforts -- cannot stop thinking about each other.  Jared is a hot topic for Jessica and Nash as well who are livid over the man's latest actions!  But will the couple be able to do anything about it?  And finally, Rex is left to contemplate the responsibility of fatherhood when Adriana experiences a pregnancy scare!  Should friends and family begin knitting baby booties now?  Find out if Rex is father material by tuning in to One Life To Live this week!

Eric Martsolf (Ethan, Passions) PASSIONS

Who would’ve thunk it but the wicked witch of Harmony does have a conscious!  Tabitha returns from the beyond just as Kay is about to be arrested for her “death.”  Will her good deed be rewarded?  Not so quickly… in order to preserve her own wants, Tabitha forces Kay into a deal.  On the other side of town, Vincent pushes Eve to the brink after a never ending flurry of insults.  However, Eve may have lashed out a little more than intended as she hastily takes drastic action to cover up her wrongdoing.  Was she smooth enough to pull an O.J.?  Later, Gwen shocks Ethan by refusing treatment for her dying baby. Her actions could lead to a costly result… unless someone intervenes on the child’s behalf!  Time is running out so don’t move from your seat as each moment is a nail-biter on Passions this week!


Despite everyone’s best efforts, the cause of the disaster at Clear Springs remains a mystery.  It is doubtful, however, that those involved will simply let matters lie in the hands of authorities when he or she can turn to other means for answers!  Another repercussion suffered in the aftermath of the tragedy involves many of Genoa City’s finest left to cope with horrific memories of the disaster.  Some may want to consider expressing all of their horror and rage before it releases itself in unhealthy manner.  In somewhat less serious news, Gloria and Jeff toy with each other and with getting the upper hand.  It’s a dangerous game.  Who will come out ahead?  Find out by checking out The Young and the Restless this week!

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