First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 10-22-07

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Clear Springs in shambles. Shawn & Phil fight. Fresh Peeks all soaps.



Thus far, all of Zach's plans are coming together and soon he will get exactly what he wants from Greenlee or so he thinks ... as Aidan offers Greenlee a helping hand.  Kendall, on the other hand, continues to work alone and moves forward with her plan to set a trap for Greenlee, believing that justice has yet to be served.  With all these people coming at her from different angles, how can the girl hope to come out unscathed?  Elsewhere, Babe is confused by Richie's inconsistent actions; she sees him taking large amounts of pills regularly and upon investigation Josh informs Babe that Richie is dying!  Will she continue to give him the benefit of the doubt?  Finally, Tad and Hannah are flirtatious and enjoy each other's company.  Could a new romance be in bloom?  Check out All My Children all this week for answers!

Martha Bryne (Lily, As the World Turns)AS THE WORLD TURNS

The Snyder marriage is destined for doom when Holden catches a sight he wishes he never stumbled upon:  Lily lying in Dusty’s bed!  Is there a reasonable explanation for the scenario, but even if there is one, will Holden have the patience to hear it?  The situation isn’t much better for Holden’s cousin, Jack, who is torn between new wife Katie and thought-to-be dying ex-wife Carly.  Given that he has spent all his time thus far with Carly and not his new bride, Katie forces Jack’s hand.  The only problem is that Jack may not be able to retain a firm grip!  Elsewhere, Maddie convinces Gwen to adopt a child rather than be implanted with someone else’s eggs.  Will Gwen find the alternative option appealing enough to turn down Alison’s gift?  Finally, Craig makes a surprising discovery while Meg grows suspicious of Rosanna.  Will the pair uncover what Rosanna is hiding?  Don’t miss a moment of As the World Turns this week!


Brooke reacts to Stephanie’s emotional attempt to set things right.  Given the horror Brooke lived through, it seems unlikely that she will offer Stephanie immediate absolution no matter how indirect her involvement in the rape!  It is only later when Stephanie understands her true part in what occurred that she is hit the hardest!  Will she ever be able to forgive herself?  Meanwhile, after calling off his wedding to Donna, Thorne and Katie make a connection.  Could we see a new couple in the making?  Finally, Donna brings a business proposition to Eric which lands him getting an entire makeover!  Will the new Eric Forrester please stand up!  Stay tuned for all the drama on The Bold and the Beautiful this week!


Many in Salem are still angered by the senseless loss of John Black, but Abe could be the one person who could offer some comfort as he closes in on the hit and run driver that killed John.  Will this person have a direct connection to the DiMeras, specifically Stefano?  On the other side of town, Philip and Shawn get into an all out brawl.  Such thuggish behavior is hardly the way to woo Belle which is what, of course, they both seek.  Men!  Elsewhere, Lucas distances himself from Kate.  What will she have to do in order to gain his trust again?  Days Of Our Lives is a hotbed of intrigue, mystery and lust – three elements all viewers crave!


As Sonny's wish is finally granted for a one-on-one sit-down, he realizes that Zacchara is more dangerous than he could have ever imagined: He's mentally insane!  But is the reclusive don the one behind all of Sonny's troubles or is someone else pulling the strings?  Turns out it is none other than Trevor Lansing! As such, Sonny confronts Ric.  By week's end, Sonny's life is unknown as the limousine he's planning on taking to Puerto Rico explodes!  Meanwhile, after Lucky turns Robin down the young doctor looks to another unlikely donor for her dream baby.  Could it be Spinelli?  Finally, Nikolas worries that his rages could place Emily in perilous danger while Lucky and Sam kick their relationship up a notch ... but could it suddenly turn deadly?  Explosions, flirtations and bombastic findings make for General Hospital's most action-packed week yet!  Can you handle it?

Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light)GUIDING LIGHT

With Cyrus out of her reach, Marina finally admits her feelings for Cyrus.  Will the truth set her free and lead her to the missing man?  Another Springfield resident is about to reveal her own truths when Daisy admits she misses Harley.  Will anyone step forward and comfort the girl?  Meanwhile, Reva and Natalia face off in the biggest battles of them all.  Should someone have an ambulance be on call and ready with a stretcher in case of disaster?  Later, Cassie makes a startling decision regarding being a mother.  How will Josh respond?  And finally, Dinah gets an unexpected letter…but who is the author and will it help or hinder her mental stability.  Don’t miss a moment of Guiding Light!


Todd and John form an unlikely alliance with Michael and Lee in an effort to bring Tommy home without causing any further harm to Marcie.  At the same time, Ron reaches out to Marcie -- sibling to sibling. Will any of them succeed in bringing the desperate mother to her senses?  Meanwhile, Michael must pay his dues for lying on the stand in the courtroom and is charged with perjury.  On the other side of town, Starr promises to help Langston after she runs away from the state group's home.  Help is offered to her from an unlikely source... Blair!  Romance is in the air as Talia becomes more smitten than ever over an oblivious Antonio during a trick-or-treat outing with Jamie.  Find out if Talia is able to woo her man by watching One Life To Live each and every day this week!


Just when Esme had a chance to get back into the dating rotation, her new lover is murdered.  Who is culprit and how did he or she do it?  It would appear as if some in Harmony will partake in their own version of Clue!  More disturbed happenings exist for another witchy woman:  Tabitha.  The woman who favors the black pointed hat as part of her ensemble wreaks havoc while trapped in a paper bag.  How serious of an infraction can she be guilty of with the exception of being a litter bug?  Finally, Ivy comforts a distraught Pilar as Ethan and Gwen do everything to protect their baby from danger.  Will they succeed?  Find out by tuning in to every episode of Passions this week!

Peter Bergman (Jack, Young & the Restless)YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Clear Springs was supposed to be the dream destination, an upscale retail mecca of fashion and fine dining, the vacation retreat where every whim is catered to and the residential development of the future. But in a stunning reversal of fortune, Clear Springs becomes the 21st century American nightmare as structures collapse, trapping the unlucky in a tangled mass of concrete and steel many stories below ground.  When the dust clears, the question becomes who survived, who will get out alive, who sacrifices and who values their own life more than the lives of others?  Naturally, we cannot give away all the beans, but here is what we can share:  Jack, Sharon and Nick are trapped together.Despite the animosity that exists between them, they are forced into a situation that results in two of them being freed and the third staying behind to fight for survival.  While at the same time, JT and Cane are caught underground with Kay.  They devise a dangerous plan to save her and realize that they are not alone.  Meantime, Lauren, Paul and Maggie await rescue with an injured child.  While the building comes down around them, old terrors resurface, along with the possibility of a rekindled romance.  Above ground, loved ones wait and agonize, assisting the efforts by bringing in high-tech equipment and comforting friends.  Victor and Nikki hope for news of their children. Michael and his family worry about Lauren.  Jill looks for word on her mother and son, while Kevin works with the rescue personnel to build a website tracking the survivors.   According to TPTB at Y&R,  the tragedy at Clear Springs will be a true testament of survival, strength and grace under fire. Who will make it out of the ashes?  Tune in to the Young and the Restless to find out.  See the promo video and enter the Soapdom Clear Springs contest to win your very own “I survived Clear Springs” t-shirt.