First Looks & Fresh Peeks 08-20-07

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Noah's proposition.  Phyllis' verdict is in.  Fresh Peeks all soaps.

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All My Children

Since he's the only one giving Kendall hope in regards to Spike's deafness, she secretly meets with Dr. Hilliard.  But while she believes he can help her son, Ryan isn't so sure.  Skeptical of the doctor, Ryan crashes Kendall's appointment with him, but she doesn't care what Ryan or anyone else thinks because she's determined to take care of Spike her way. While Kendall is obsessing over Spike's hearing loss, her other son is rushed into emergency surgery.  As Ian goes under the knife, Zach is left to worry all by himself.  Is Kendall too busy with Spike to be bothered by Ian?  Find out how Kendall divides her time between her two sons this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Michael Park (Jack, ATWT)As to be expected, Jack eventually saves the day and overpowers Silas.  We had no doubt, but now that the Snyders are free from the evildoers, where does that leave Carly, Jack, Brad and Katie?  Elsewhere, Craig receives a call from the clinic informing him that Rosanna is gone.  Craig understandably panics, but he pulls it together and covers in front of Meg.  As he plans to hightail it out of town with his unwitting bride, he receives a couple of unexpected visitors.  Across town, Noah asks Maddie to move in with him.  Um, wasn't he just kissing a boy?  He certainly was, but since his relationship with his father has improved due to his "girlfriend", Noah hopes that will continue by shackin' up with her, but what will Maddie think?   Meanwhile, Ali shows up looking for Will. Unfortunately he's not home and Gwen demands she leave.  But the pregnant Gwen might change her mind about Ali's presence when she doubles over in pain.  In the meantime, Vienna and Henry think of ways to drum up business, but they don't go over very well when their employee, Alison bursts into tears.  We don't know what makes her cry, but it sounds like they eventually come up with something as we hear Vienna attracts droves of male customers.  Witness what all the fuss is about at Al's this week on As the World Turns.  

The Bold and the Beautiful

Stephanie strikes again!  She's certainly got this manipulation thing mastered as Mama Forrester gets an oblivious Ridge to once again do as she wishes. Meanwhile, things are heating up where Felicia's love life is concerned.  Rumor has it the chemistry between her and Constantine sizzles.  Will they become the next super couple, or is this just a fling? Speaking of Constantine, the Boldface Challenge Concert begins.  As the rocker takes the stage, he is joined by fellow musicians Jon McLaughlin and Ellion Yamin.  Rock out all this week with the Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

It seemed to only be a matter of time before Belle would be faced with this decision.  This week it finally comes when she must choose between her fiancĂ© and her ex-husband.  That should make for some uncomfortable moments, but who will she choose-Philip or Shawn?  Meanwhile, the past heats up as Colleen and Santo's relationship intensifies.  Those nuns were apparently pretty racy back in the day, but as the...





Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)... connection between the two becomes stronger will their big secret be revealed?  At the same time, just when it seemed like they were back on track, Nick and Chelsea have a falling out.  Find out what they're arguing about this time on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Jason decides he's ready to move forward with Liz just as she's accosted by men who claim they want to use her to get at the hitman.  Interestingly, Elizabeth is saved from said thugs when Sam happens upon the scene. Coincidence? Not exactly, as it's later revealed Sam set the whole thing up.  That's pretty low even for her, but  her manipulations seem to work when Liz tells Jason they have to stay away from each other for the safety of their son.  As Jason sets out to find the people who threatened the mother of his child, the mobster learns Sam was behind the whole thing.   Just how violently will he react to this revelation?  In the meantime, Noah prepares to take his Eli persona to the next level, as the benefit concert kicks off.  Be there for Rick Springfield's first performance ever on General Hospital this week.

Guiding Light

After Reva's accident, Olivia is arrested.  As she is hauled into the station, Liv gets a surprise when someone comes to her defense.  Surprisingly Jeffrey shows up as her lawyer and Olivia learns who's really responsible for her arrest. Hot off of dumping Ava, Coop is dismayed to learn Ashlee isn't so eager to jump into his arms.  As Stuart tells her she deserves better, Coop remains outside Ashlee's door vowing to not give up.  Meanwhile, Dinah finds a woman's credit card and keeps it for herself.  As she starts a tab at the bar, Dinah pretends to the woman whose name is on it. Later, Matt walks in and witnesses Dinah's act; will he blow her scam?  Across town, Alex makes plans to give Cyrus a real job at Spaulding, but Alan isn't so eager to accommodate his sister's wishes.  But as Alan later cozies up to his brother-in-law, Cyrus reports back to Griggs. Even though they're on the outs, Gus and Harley put their differences aside and celebrate their anniversary with their kids.  As the two start to reconnect they make their way to the bedroom.  Does this mean they're back on track?  At the same time,  Beth is unnerved by both Alan's  and Rick's possessive attitude towards her baby.  Becoming suspicious, Beth secretly orders prenatal tests under a fake name.  Will the truth come out?  Witness all the madness and mayhem in Springfield this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

John is determined to uncover the truth about who killed Spencer, but Michael grows increasingly concerned and asks Natalie to convince his brother to back off.  Considering John didn't listen to her when they were together, what makes Mikey think he'd listen to her now?  Undaunted, John continues to investigate Marcie and the other people who were at the hospital when Spencer died.  Later, as he's visited by Spencer's ghost, John finally realizes just who in fact truly killed the slimy doc.  Making his way over to the Woman of the Year awards, John prepares to make an arrest.  Did you really think this year's ceremony would go off without a hitch?  And as one mystery winds down, a new one begins when a mysterious stranger comes to town.  Get all the juicy details this week on One Life to Live.


Since they couldn't stop the wedding, Gwen and Rebecca set their sights on wrecking the honeymoon.  Will this mother and daughter duo succeed in ruining Ethan and Theresa's happily ever after?  Elsewhere, after finding a wounded Sheridan, Luis tries to revive her.  Can he save his former love after Vincent's attack?  We don't know about that, but we do know Fancy later breaks down and confesses all to Luis.  Looks like Harmony's hero has quite a week ahead of himself!  Across town, Tabitha apparently turns over a new leaf.  Word is the not so good witch tries to...







Adrian Bellani (Miguel, PAS)... set a good example for Endora.  We have a feeling she's got her work cut out for herself. At the same time, Miguel starts to doubt himself, as he worries he's going crazy.  Living in Harmony will do that to a guy!  In the meantime, now that he's back, Alistair wastes no time reverting back to his old ways.  Theresa better watch out, as we're told he's coming after her with murder on his mind.  Get the low down on Alistair's latest plan this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

The verdict is in and it looks like Phyllis is going to jail.  And just when her and Nick were staring to click again.  Well, there's always conjugal visits to look forward to.  Meanwhile, Adrian learns the mysterious truth about Brad's past.  You'll have to watch to find out who tells him, but we have to wonder what he'll do with this newfound information.  In other news, Jana apparently takes a turn for the worse, as Kevin rushes to save her life.  Will he make it in time?  It's a nail biter of a week, so don't miss any of the action on The Young and the Restless.