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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks 08-13-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks 08-13-07

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Carly's rescue attempt. Theresa & Ethan at the altar. Fresh Peeks all soaps.

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All My Children

Kendall receives devastating news this week about Spike.  Learning that her son is permanently deaf, Kendall goes into complete denial about his diagnosis.  Believing a cure can be found, Kendall vows to not leave Spike's side until someone restores his hearing.  Unfortunately, her other son needs her too.  Will Kendall be able to emotionally support both ailing children without having a complete breakdown?  In the meantime, Ryan searches for a missing Annie until Di tells him she left town to research Spike's condition.  Little does Ryan know his bride has actually gone to visit her father who is also deaf!  Sadly, Annie's trip might not prove as fruitful as she hoped, as her father lets her know he never wants to see her again.  What's caused the intense rift between father and daughter?  Keep up to date with the latest twist and turns this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Trent Dawson (Henry, ATWT)With Carly and Jack off trying to find their son, Brad wonders aloud if Jack weren't in her life, would he and Katie have a shot at being together.  Katie of course brushes off this preposterous idea and calls her fiancé.  Unfortunately she can't get a hold of Jack and then she drops her ring in the garbage disposal. Could these occurrences be signs of things to come for her and Jack?   Meanwhile, Carly works overtime to free JJ from Silas.  Just when it looks like they're in the clear, JJ finds himself submerged in quicksand!  How that happens, we don't know, but the ever protective mama bear that she is, Carly pulls her son to safety, but by doing so ends up in quicksand herself.  Back home, Noah's dad comes for a visit. We don't know what exactly brings him to town, but you can bet the super conservative Col. Is more than pleased his son has a girlfriend.  Does that mean his dad has doubts about Noah's gender preference?  At the same time, Aaron tries to help Sofie in her situation with Cole and learns his new friend is pregnant.  But while Sofie tries to deal with this reality, Cole is figuring out how to jumpstart his music career.  Looking for money to fund his dream, Cole asks for a loan from his mother, who just so happens to be Iris!  Across town, Henry gets involved in a high stakes poker game hoping to quadruple his money. When Vienna gets wind of his plan, she tries to stop him.  But will Henry's gambling actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise?  Shuffle up and deal all week with As the World Turns.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ashley and Ridge come to a major decision.  We're not sure exactly what they agree on, only that it involves Brooke.  Speaking of Ridge's many times over ex, Brooke finds herself in a dangerous and impossible situation.  Since we've already learned her secret admirer reveals himself to her, does her perilous state involve Andy?  Meanwhile, it looks like there could be a new couple in the works, as Constantine and Felicia go on their first date.  We have to wonder what stops the crooner will pull out for Ms. Forrester when he surprises Felicia on their big night out.  Across town, Nick becomes aware of Stephanie's latest plan.  She's usually got a few cooking, but since Nick's now involved we can only assume it's one involving Brooke.  But whatever Nick finds out, you can be sure he fights back on La Forrester's victim's behalf.  Witness all the madness and mayhem in the fashion world this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

They've flirted with romance once before, but this week it appears things get a little steamy between Max and Stephanie in the infamous hot tub.  Hmm...we wonder how Jeremy will feel about that!  Meanwhile, Tony gives his brother the inside scoop. Feeding EJ some Intel, the elder DiMera gives Elvis...






James Scott (EJ, DOOL)... clues about the contents of the tabernacle.  As for one of EJ's victims, Lucas recuperates from being locked in the freezer. However, it appears his time on ice has left him feeling not quite himself. Discover the after effects of almost freezing to death this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

New evidence pops up in Jason's case this week. Lucky for him the Judge allows it to be entered, as it suggests Alcazar could still be alive. That would certainly help his situation, but will it be enough to set him free?  We don't know about that, but Ric of course counters this evidence by convincing Sam to retake the stand. Playing on her need for revenge, Ric gets Sam to agree to testify she heard Jason plotting to kill someone. Jason probably never thought it would come to this, but will Sam actually incriminate the man she used to so desperately love?  You'll have to watch to find out, but before the jury goes off to deliberate, Diane and Ric make their closing arguments.  Who will be more effective?  Find out first hand when the jury decides Jason's fate this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

After Ashlee tells Coop she loves him, he gets a call regarding Buzz and Doris. As the kids come running, they discover their parents going head to head.  Once they pull their respective parent to the side, Doris tells Ashlee that Coop will never love her the way she deserves to be loved.  But could Coop be singing a different tune to Marina?  Elsewhere, Alex kisses Cyrus and makes him an offer.  Telling him the plans have changed, Alex offers Cyrus a job at Spaulding. He's certainly moving up the ranks quickly, but what will he have to do to keep his new wife happy?   In other wedded bliss news, Cassie and Josh make it to the altar.  Even though Reva drops her champagne glass at an inopportune moment, the two say their vows, but will all that change once Olivia runs Reva over with her car?  Speaking of the accident, Olivia insists she didn't mean to hit Reva. Jeffrey eventually believes her, but when he and Frank later realize Liv didn't even try to stop due to their being no skid marks, will he change his mind?   Find out how the accident really happens this week on Guiding Light.   

One Life to Live

Familiar faces return to Llanview this week. Unfortunately it's for a sad occasion as Kevin, Max, Cord, Joey and Alex return for Asa's funeral.  While they all show up to pay their last respects to the bigger than life tycoon, Nigel reveals a whopper of a secret.  Confiding in Max, Asa's long time confidant and butler reveals the identity of Asa's true son to the man who once tried to pass himself off as the heir. Word is the Asa's progeny is none other than David Vickers!  Apparently Spencer wasn't as far off as Asa thought. Visit Llanview all week to help celebrate One Life to Live's 10,000th episode.


Since he's confessed to the murders and escaped custody, Spike needs some help.  Interestingly he goes to Sheridan and demands her assistance. Will she help him out of this jam?  Meanwhile, Tabitha, Norma and Mrs. Wallace reminisce about the good old days.  We can only imagine how outlandish their memories will be!  Across town, the big secret is revealed this week.  Word is Pretty tells Luis what Fancy did to her all those years ago.  How will her confession affect Luis' relationship with her sister?  Elsewhere, Julian and Eve...







Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, PAS) and Eric Martsolf (Ethan, PAS)... visit Vincent in the psychiatric hospital.  Now that they've found their son and he's turned out to be a homicidal maniac, we think Eve and Julian might need some therapy of their own.  In the meantime Gwen and Rebecca get locked in a closet.  How does that happen?  We're not entirely sure, but we think it might have something to do with Theresa and Ethan's impending nuptials.  But as their wedding day FINALLY arrives, will they actually be pronounced husband and wife?  Find out when you attend the wedding of the year this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

After all her lies and his cruel revenge, Cane ends his union with Amber.  You can't blame the guy, but what will Amber do now?  Elsewhere, it looks like Jana's condition is getting more serious, as we hear she wants to give Kevin power of attorney.  Could Jana actually be telling the truth about her tumor, or is this just another part of her plan?  At the same time, Sharon apparently needs her old friend, as she opens up to Brad.  We don't know what she tells him, but we have to wonder if their tête-à-tête leads to temptation again.  Over at the courthouse, the verdict in Phyllis' trial is in!  Join the court in session and learn Phyllis' fate this week on The Young and the Restless.

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