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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks 08-06-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks 08-06-07

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Philip & Billie take a trip. Cane's on the warpath.  Fresh Peeks all soaps.

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All My Children

After Greenlee and Kendall's fight creates enough noise for people down the hall to hear, Zach notices that Spike doesn't react to it at all.   Realizing something's wrong with him, they call the doctors in to figure out why Spike didn't respond to the loud noise. After checking him over, the doctors realize that Spike is deaf.  With all the trauma she's suffered in the past couple of days, how will Kendall cope with this latest blow?  Understandably, she's guilt ridden over leaving Spike in Greenlee's care, but while Kendall berates herself for letting Greenlee back into their lives, Greenlee vows to make things up to Ryan and Kendall. Were not sure if that’s even possible, but it looks like she's got someone in her corner in the from of Aidan Devane. What’s going on there? Discover what develops this week on All My Children.  

As the World Turns

Cady McClain (Rosanna, ATWT)After Meg wins over the WorldWide board, Lucinda warns Meg about Craig.  When Craig hands Meg their annulment papers, she makes her own decision about her husband when she surprises him by ripping them up instead of signing them.  As for the man Meg was supposedly in love with, Paul gets news on Rosanna.  When the medical staff informs him of an experimental drug, Paul tells them to administer it right away.  When Rosanna wakes up from her coma, Paul tells her they'll make Craig pay for what he's done to her.  Elsewhere, Lily gives Holden a present, but he isn't exactly appreciative. When Holden tells his wife he hasn't forgiven her for what she's done, Lily wonders if their marriage can survive it's latest bump in the road.  At the same time, Brad tries to take Katie's mind off of Jack by playing poker with her. When Brad takes off his shirt, it starts to look like Brad's decided to play strip poker, but will his tactics work on Katie?  Speaking of Jack, while he and Carly search for JJ, their son is bound and gagged in a remote cabin.  As the exes get closer to finding him, Silas gets a hold of both Carly and Jack and handcuffs them together.  Will they be able to break free and save JJ?  The action is coming to a head, so see how it all plays out this week on As the World Turns.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Looks like Donna and Thorne's trip takes an unexpected turn, as we hear Donna hits the jackpot in Vegas. But does that mean she wins a boatload of money or further entry into Thorne's life?  Don't know for sure, but apparently Stephanie learns about her son hooking up with Brooke's sister.  It seems La Forrester will never be rid of those pesky Logans! Speaking of Stephanie, Eric issues her a warning.  Will she heed his words?  Meanwhile, Brooke has her own issues to deal with, independent of the Foresters.  Surprising we know, but word is she and Nick veer into dangerous territory. That could be taken a couple different ways, so find out what deep water the exes tread this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

Lucas finds himself in a bit of trouble this week.  When he goes to meet his mother, he ends up in an icy situation, but is his predicament literal or figurative?  As for Lucas' siblings, Philip and Billie take a trip.  Flying out to...






Julie Pinson (Billie, DOOL)... Indianapolis, the brother and sister duo try to track down the person who has been making the disturbing phone calls.  But by getting to the bottom of this mystery, will Philip get more than he bargained for?  Discover who's behind Philip's harassment this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Jason's trial takes an interesting turn this week when Ric plays the tape of Alcazar's shooting in court.  How much damage will this do to Jason's case?  Probably not as much as the eyewitness the D.A produces who claims they saw Jason move Lorenzo's body.  That can't be good for the defense, but fortunately for Morgan, Diane receives some evidence that could prove Alcazar is actually alive!  Could it be true?  You'll have to watch to find out, but as that drama unfolds, Sam creates a little of her own when she goes to see Lucky. In what looks like an attempt to get revenge on Elizabeth, Sam arranges it so that her rival walks in on a cozy family scene between herself, Lucky and the kids.  Game on!  Witness the life altering events this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

With Marina and Cyrus seeing each other on the sly, Alex faces off with her husband's girlfriend.  We're not sure how that ends up, but we do know Cyrus later tells Marina he'll end things with the reason he's able to stay in the country.  Would he really jeopardize his free ride?  Speaking of Alexandra, Dinah resorts to stealing a vase from her to fix her money issues.  When she gets caught, Ms. Spaulding lets her go and offers Dinah a way out of her situation.  So what's in it for Alex? Meanwhile, after Lizzie and Billy bond after she finds him drinking, Billy offers her a job at Lewis, but tells her she'll have to keep quiet about him taking an occasional drink.  Seems like the start of a dysfunctional friendship, but will things only get worse when Alan finds out who his granddaughter is working for? Elsewhere, Reva tries to say goodbye to Jeffrey, but it seems it's a bit harder than she thought.  When she later runs into Olivia and calls her bluff about spilling the beans about Sarah, Liv shows her just how serious she is.  Get the full scoop this week when you visit Springfield on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

When John finally figures out that his nephew is actually Todd's son, will he uphold his commitment to his brother or the law?  It seems he's quite conflicted on this issue, as he continues to look into the matter.  Finding Todd's baby's "death certificate" on Rex's computer, McBain figures out that Balsam has known all along.  After John confronts the two of them, Michael begs John not to tell Todd the truth. Will John let his brother hold on to his family or will he reunite the little boy with his real father?  Find out what John decides this week on One Life to Live.


After surviving his first execution, Luis undergoes a second brush with death.  Fortunately he makes it through this attempt on his life as well, as Eve runs in at the last second to stop the execution.  Thankfully Eve saves his life and Luis and Fancy are reunited.  Unfortunately, she has to then face Vincent who is none too pleased with his newfound mother. Will Eve be the latest person to deal with  Vincent's ruthless brand of vengeance? Meanwhile, now that Luis and Fancy are free to be together, Sheridan hopes to...








Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, PAS)... ruin their happiness by convincing Pretty to tell Luis the truth. Elsewhere, after her own brush with death, Theresa goes after what she wants.  And what she wants is to elope with Ethan, but will they actually say their 'I Do's' after all this time? In the meantime, a strange event occurs in Harmony. No shocker there, but this week we're told church statues come to life!  Find out what's going on in the strange town of Harmony this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

Now that she's on the warpath, Kay faces off with Ji Min.  Will she succeed in her quest to break up her daughter's relationship?  As for Kay's grandson, it may have appeared that he had forgiven Amber for her devious ways, but all is not what it seems.  Apparently this week Cane's true feelings are revealed, as his deep hatred and disgust for his "wife" comes to the surface.  Across town, Kevin desperately tries to get his hands on some money.  We hear it's not for anything illegal, but we're a little concerned that he needs the cash for Jana's surgery.  Is he setting himself up for heartbreak all over again?  Get all the down and dirty details this week on The Young and the Restless.  

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