Bonus Previews for AMC and OLTL Week of 7-12-04

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AMC's Maria must choose between Edmund and Zach

All My Children Bonus Preview for Week of 7-12-04

Sacre bleu!  Maria has a big secret and she opens up to Ryan.  Imagine Ryan’s reaction when she confesses to Ryan that she loves another man! Guess who?  Yup, the other man in question is none other than Zack!  Can he make Maria forget about her commitment to Edmund and her marriage?   All we can say is this. Stay tuned for some sizzle for Maria before the month is out!

While on the other side of town, JR turns on his own brother when he accuses Jamie of drugging Babe. How can JR be so dastardly?  Turns out he is more and more like his father than even he’d like to admit.  Here’s the thing.  Regardless of JR’s duplicity, one man knows the truth. Will he keep JR's secret?

At the same time, passion ignites between Greenlee and Ryan as they vow to find true love. But what of Kendall?  Never put anything past her.   She will seek comfort in the arms of Jonathan, asking him to help her get over her obsession with Ryan. Does she have an ulterior motive?  Like maybe, making Ryan jealous?  Meanwhile, is not so sure that Jonathan is the man he claims to be. What tips Greens off?  And watch for Bianca to get gifted a plane ticket.  To what destination?  More importantly who is the benefactor behind the free tix?  Keep your eyes peeled to All My Children this week and find out!

One Life to Live Bonus Preview for Week of 7-12-04

Margaret totally looses it this week. She unravels so much that she steals Ace and thinks he is Todd Jr. Is Todd the only person who can get the baby back safely? If not, who else?

On the other side of Llanview, Kevin is done with Kelly and wants her gone. Will Kelly relinquish her wedding vows so readily?  We think not.  What will she do to keep Kevin?

Speaking of Kevin, Viki is stunned to see the dark side of her son.  At the same time, Kevin feels betrayed that his mother has taken Todd's side.  Will mother and son ever see eye to eye on this? 

Down in Puerto Rico, Jessica gets closer to Tico when he accidentally walks in on a sexy setup meant for Antonio. Is a spark starting for these two?  Meanwhile, John tries to deny his attraction to Evangeline and turns down her invitation for drinks. Will he be able to fight off his desire?  You’ll find out this week on One Life to Live!

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