B&B's Stand Alone Holiday Episode 2003

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For one day of the year, peace surrounds the Forrester clan

Read with Caution -- Contains Scoopage!

The Bold and the Beautiful puts the feuding aside to present a holiday episode of warm wishes on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2003. The episode takes a step back from the current storytelling, to showcase holiday spirit.

In a family portrait that rivals Ozzie and Harriet, the Forresters perch around the piano to fill their home with Christmas cheer.

"Eric's got the music out, and he's singing [the opening line to 'The Christmas Song,'] 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,'" says John McCook, who plays the Forrester patriarch. "Stephanie comes over to join him, and they laugh because she can't sing."

The Forresters are joined by their extended clan — Massimo, Jackie, Ridge, Brooke and Nick — and the surprise is that chaos doesn't ensue! "They ignore the problems they have with one another," McCook explains.
The standalone episode is a rare gem for the B&B archives. "It's been about ten years since we did one, and the last one was based on storyline," McCook says.

Tapping into the lyrical talents of the show's cast, including former rockers Ronn Moss (Ridge) and Jack Wagner (Nick), makes it an extra special holiday treat.

"Everyone is feeling the spirit," McCook declares. But don't expect the friendly fuzzies to last. "Eric's going to cross the line with a new character that's inappropriate, and Massimo takes advantage of that," McCook teases. "That's good, because it keeps the rivalry going between Marone and Forrester."

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