ATWT and GL Xmas Week Episodes 2003

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Oakdale has a black Christmas and Springfield has a Santa surplus

A Funeral, A Town Full of Santas, and Babies Make Three!

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Bonus GL Photo Added 12/17/03 with scoop!

So much going on in Oakdale and Springfield of late and Christmas week looks to be jammed packed as well.

First of all there is a funeral in Oakdale.  Here we see Paul (Roger Howarth) the number one suspect in the murder case.  Is that truly sadness he is feeling, or gloat at committing a successful crime?  We say the former. 

But who shows up looking an awful lot like the dearly departed?  Is it someone in costume as tribute to the one who passed on, or dare we say it, could the death not have been a death at all?

Meanwhile beside a Christmas tree, Alison (Jessica Dunphy) and Chris (Bailey Chase) seem to be "happy parents."  Just whose baby are they holding? 

While in Springfield, there appears to be an overage of Santas as just about all the men get decked in a Santa suit to spread a little holiday cheer.  Ho Ho Ho and all that!

Plus, from the looks of it, the Santos Family is having a joyous Christmas.  Can we expect any surprises? 

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Photo Gallery ~ ATWT Christmas Episodes 2003

Photo Gallery ~ GL Christmas Episodes 2003

Bonus GL Photo Added 12/17/03 with scoop!