AMC Xmas Episodes 2003

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Bad Santa comes to town, Bianca radiates with holiday cheer

First Look at New Year's Week
Bianca & Lena

Christmas Week in Pine Valley

It's a Sneaky Santa, a Christmas Miracle, a dirty old man and a whole lot more hitting Pine Valley the week of December 22, 2003! 

Last week we shared with you the clip of Bianca at the creche.  The phrase "St. Binx" was soon crowned and sprinkled on AMC boards around the net.  Well, we get the feeling that Bianca's quiet moment at the manger is only the beginning for the denizens of Pine Valley.  

For example, why is this Santa looking awfully guilty?  Why is he sneaking about?  What no good is this bad Santa up to? 


And what about this man?  Why is he leaning in that way?  Who's hand is he grasping?  Does he have the look of a leacherous codger?  But why?



Why are these two looking like the cats who ate the canary?  Could it have something to do with family and the holidays?  At least we know that Ruth will show up this Christmas!

How about this girl? Why is she smiling so sweetly?  Are maternal instincts kicking in already?



And this girl. Why is she beaming so?  What wonders await her this Christmas?  Could it be that she's delighted her mom is in town? Or, has she reconciled with her new hubby?



Then there is this man. Who is he talking to?  Could this conversation have something to do with that Bad Santa?  Will fatherly advice kick in?


Speaking of fatherly advice, does it count if it's stepfatherly? 

And what about a happy family holiday?  Could this family fit the bill?


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