AMC, ATWT and OLTL ~ Week 8-9-04

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The handsome Ethan strolls onto AMC, GH's Bobbie hides a secret

From Jail to Hospital to Formal Affair, There's Tons Happening in Pine Valley, Oakdale and Llanview this week!

With over 70 First Look photos from the episodes including pix of Sarah Brown as Julia on ATWT, James Scott as Ethan Cambias on AMC and, Saundra Santiago as Angelina on OLTL

Plus bonus Sneaks for GH and DOOL for this week!

The summer is definitely heating up on the soaps, and this week proves to be full of surprises on a number of shows. 

On All My Children...There’s Tad with specs on AMC and JR turning from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. Or more accurately, he’s becoming a chip off his father’s block.

At the same time, Jamie heads to jail this week and takes up residence with cellmate, Seth. And why? To get the goods on his stepbrother, JR. Will Seth reveal JR’s secrets?  Naturally, Jamie wears a wire to try and get Seth to implicate JR, but things go downhill after Seth and Jamie come fist to cuffs, and Seth sees the wire taped to Jamie’s chest.

There's a hot newcomer in town and you won't believe who he's claiming to be. None other than a Cambias with dibs on the Cambias fortune.  He has secrets that will affect everyone in town ... especially Ryan.   His name is Ethan and he’s tall, dark and handsome!

Meanwhile, speaking of Ryan, he's lay his cards on the table, and the women in his life – namely Kendall and Greenlee – will be in for a shocker or two.

AMC First Looks Week of 8-9-04

While on As the World Turns…Jack’s in the hospital and he is being tended to by Nurse Julia.  At least we now know he didn’t perish in the car crash, but what will his recovery entail?  How will Julia help bring him back to health? 

Speaking of hospitals, Jack isn’t the only one in a mechanical bed.  Jessica gets some disheartening news and both Doc and Ben are there to comfort her.  Speaking of Doc, he and Chris have a few words. 

ATWT First Looks Week of 8-9-04

Over on One Life to Live...Kelly's sanity is tested when Kevin speeds up the divorce and custody proceedings. The situation gets even more ugly when Kevin seeks to take Ace.

At the same time, the mystery surrounding the Santi’s gets more intriguing as both Jessica and Antonio investigate this mob family. Jessica tries to get information from Angelina. Is she hiding secrets?  Meanwhile, when Antonio goes to question his mother, Carlotta, she is no where to be found. But will working the Santi case bring Antonio and Jessica closer together, or drive them further apart?

Speaking of couples, John and Evangeline have an encounter that is reflective of Film Noir, then they turn a corner in their relationship when John asks her out on a real date.  Plus, Nora has a pleasantly flirtatious encounter with Daniel. Will the sparks fly between these two?  Oh and watch for a formal gathering with men in tuxedos and woman in evening attire.  What is everyone celebrating?

OLTL First Looks Week of 8-9-04

While over on Days of our Lives…As the denizens of New Salem continue to struggle with their situation on the island, Roman takes a serious fall in the jungle.  Will he be seriously injured?  More importantly, what was Roman doing in the jungle to begin with?

At the same time, the fear that loved ones at home are moving on without them seems to becoming true for those on Captive Island. 

And on General Hospital…As Nikolas and Emily struggle to make some sense out of their current situation, Nikolas' evil grandmother Helena attempts to have him committed to a mental institution. It seems she is after control of the Cassadine estate. Will her scheme pan out?  Not if Emily has anything to say about it.  She remains determined to bring back Nikolas’ memory, rekindle their love, and get him out of Helena's clutches.

While across town, Carly wants to know more about her roots. But when she starts to question her mom Bobbie about who her real father is, Bobbie will have none of it.  What is Bobbie hiding?   Plus, watch for Jax and Courtney to make a huge breakthrough in their relationship. Will she choose Jax over Jason?