AMC and OLTL New Years Episodes 2003

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Romance, trauma, shock...what will the new year bring?

It's Party Time in Pine Valley and Llanview!

With 2003 on its way out the door, will the denizens of Pine Valley and/or Llanview let it wind down quietly in peace, or will there be a few surprises in store? 

We can't say for sure, but we are betting on fireworks erupting eventually at one or both town's festivities.

For example, take this charming couple pictured at left.  Just look at the glint in her eye.  Is she using him, or has she already developed feelings for this guy?  And what is this man scheming?  From the look on his face it's clear he's planning something. How far will he go to get what he's after? 


In the meantime, why is this man smiling?  Could things be going his way at last?



But wait. Who is this guy? Isn't he from Llanview?  What's he doing in Pine Valley?  Or is he?


And speaking of Llanview, what's on this man's mind?


Or this woman's?

Or this man's?

One sure way to find out.  Check the First Look Photo Galleries below, then keep your remote glued to All My Children and One Life to Live this week!

First Looks at AMC's New Years 2003

First Looks at OLTL's New Years 2003