GL Fan Weekend ~ Bloss Blowing 2004 Additional Dish

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Soapdom's photog tells all from behind the camera

Bloss and Friends Bowling at Port Authority Bowling Lanes,
NYC 10-9-04

Bloss = Blake and Ross Marler
(aka Liz Keifer and Jerry verDorn)

Benefit – American Cancer Society

Coflin Photo Gallery
Tremblay Gallery

The day started out with the actors coming a little early for photos and interviews about the event which was the idea of fan club president Wendy Marler and her helpers who knew that the fans loved -- and would enjoy again  -- bowling with their favorite actors.

The actors had a little food and got ready to bowl and meet the fans. Each was given a bowling shirt with his or her name on the back. Jerry and Liz invited the cast and Michael O’Leary and Grant Aleksander responded quickly as did his daughter “Dinah,” Gina Tognoni. Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy),  Scott Bailey (Sandy) Crystal Hunt (Lizzie), and new castmembers John Driscoll (Coop) and Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) also participated. Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus) and Ron Raines (Alan) came to see the fans. Keifer brought her daughter Isabella and son Keifer, who had fun bowling with the bumpers on the lanes.
Now it was time for the fans. Each actor was introduced to the fans and was assigned a lane to bowl with the fans. Bowling was fun, but the autographs and photos seemed to be a priority.

After bowling, a raffle and live auction was held. The event raised $5163 for American Cancer Society, a charity close to Jerry verDorn (Ross). 

Bottom line:  At this event all the actors had fun and so did the fans.

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