Fan Tales ~ 25-Year Young and Restless Fan Meets the Stars

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Kanan, Lystad, LeBlancImagine my surprise and delight when I got the call from Soap Opera Digest telling me I won a pair of tickets to attend a meet and greet with Y&R's brilliant Christian LeBlanc (Michael) and Sean Kanan (Deacon) at The Brokerage Comedy Club on Long Island. I only sent in one entry so I felt extremely lucky. Being from New York, I have had the opportunity to meet some actors from the formerly based NY soaps, but I never

met anyone from Y&R... my favorite soap for over 25 years. Christian LeBlanc is my favorite. He is an amazing actor and artist and his performances always blow me away. And Sean Kanan... well just look at him.

The first question was who to go with. I don't have any friends who watch Y&R but I recently reconnected with an old friend on Facebook and she mentioned that she watched so I figured why not Joni?.... We hadn't seen each other in about 25 years, so this gave us an opportunity to get together and have a great time.

We got to the club early to get a good seat and there were already a few fans seated. People (mostly women) started to trickle in and not surprisingly, the place didn't fill up. I guess in this economy, a lot of people don't have $73 (!) to spend on a few hours with soap stars. (I was surprised to learn that the actors pay for their own airfare and hotel to these events.) I could see the guys sitting at the bar before the show so I dared my friend to go talk to them and she did!...she told Sean that her friend's son used to play "Little D" on B&B.

Sean Kanan, Christian LeBlancSean took the stage first. He was dressed very casually and is as hunky as he appears on TV. His eyes are as blue as the ocean. I noticed that his hair was darker and shaggier and he later explained that it was for a movie he was filming. He then called Christian to the stage and the place went crazy. Christian was dressed casually and is devastatingly handsome. He's not as tall as I thought (he's 5'10) but built like an Adonis. They started the show with pictures and clips of their work. Christian mocked Sean's 'Karate Kid III' appearance and Sean had a good time goofing on Christian's 'Red Shoe Diaries' appearance where he apparently bared his bottom. Sean's girlfriend was there on 'video duty' and she kept the audience in stitches with clips of the guys on Y&R. They then threw out a few trivia questions and I'm happy to say that I knew them all... I even won a picture of Sean and Ralph Macchio from the

Then came the Q&A. They answered questions about everything from the show, their personal lives and co-stars. I love how they were talking about their co-stars by their first name as if the audience knew exactly who they were talking about.... and we did! "Eric did this... and Michelle did that...." A woman in the audience mentioned that she once went to acting school and loved improv so she was invited onstage to improv with Sean...that was a lot of fun. She was clearly awestruck. They guys were sipping drinks on stage so they were loose, relaxed and extremely funny. We laughed all day.

LeBlanc in the crowdAfter a short break, we were invited on stage for the meet and photos. They both autographed their head shots and I told Christian how much I admired him as an actor and artist and humanitarian (he does work in NOLA). He was so kind and gracious, shook my hand and thanked me for my kind words.

Sean was adorable. I asked him if he was a nice Jewish boy since he used a few Yiddish expressions during the show. He said he was and called me "shayna punim" (Yiddish for pretty face). I said, "oh were you bar mitzvahed?" and he whispered, "and circumcised"..... lol... He cracked me up. I then had the luck to be sandwiched between these two dreamy men. Luckily, it took a minute for my camera flash to charge so I got to stand there for a little while :) I was positively giddy all afternoon! My friend had an amazing time too, and is still thanking me a week later.

Kanan, Joni, LeBlancI feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet Christian and Sean. I really hope they will be on Y&R for a long time and I hope I get to meet other actors. I know the show was just picked up for two years but with the way the soap opera genre is heading, this very well be my last chance. Thanks to SOD for an amazing afternoon with an old friend.