Y&R November Sweeps Previews 2006

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Murder, mayhem, romance, and a new face in town…


That’s just the beginning.  Oh yes, it's an even more tangled web weaved in Genoa City this November Sweeps, proving yet again to be quite jam packed for the friendly, and maybe not so friendly, denizens of GC. 

First off, Carmen's been murdered and it's anyone's guess who killed her.  Watch for many twists, turns and very surprising revelations that implicate some of town's most respected citizens. But fear not. Will Bardwell and Detective Maggie Sullivan are on the case and they intend to get to the bottom of the crime sooner than later as they investigate leads and clues with diehard determination.  Even Michael gets swept up into the murder investigation, which doesn't bode well for Lauren who is still extremely worried about Sheila. Not only that, she is now a new mom, and could soon buckle under the stress. In the meantime, Dru and Neil risk arrest as their alibis begin to unravel, but that's the least of their worries.  When suspicion soon falls on Devon, they have more than their hands full. Speaking of Devon, his plans to have cochlear implant surgery are postponed by Carmen’s murder investigation, putting him in even more of a crisis mode.

At the same time, Victor and Nikki can't help but be suspicious that Jack may indeed be the owner of Jabot. They too call upon Michael help to keep an eye on Jack and his dubious business dealings.  Speaking of the Jackster, he is just as determined to keep the secret of his ownership of Jabot hidden from both the authorities and from Victor, while Ashley worries that Jack’s manipulations could bring about the downfall of Jabot.  Is Ashley correct?

While in Jill's world, she is faced with both a budding romance, and an errant son.  As the attraction between Jill and William continues to grow, they decide to take their relationship to the next level. But all's not well as a determined Gloria schemes to capture William’s affections for herself. Meantime, Billy's behavior is less than responsible. It's the straw that makes him leave Genoa City and pits Jill against Kay.  Speaking of Kay, she is plagued by disturbing nightmares that open up painful memories from her past – and from her history with Jill.  Will she be able to overcome these horrible dreams and move on?

Then it's over to the Carlton's.  As Colleen fights feelings of jealousy when Professor Korbel begins working closely Victoria, Brad grows suspicious of the professor’s interest in Victoria’s art world connections.  So, Brad calls on JT to investigate the teach.  As you can imagine, it's not long before JT and Colleen face off over this. Speaking of Brad and Victoria, they unite to divert attention from Brad’s incriminating actions on the night of Carmen’s murder, but a skeptical Michael moves closer to exposing their lies. Is Michael on the right track?

In the meantime, Phyllis’s due date approaches, but it's not all peaches and cream.  Tension erupts between Phyllis, Jack and Sharon over Jack’s impulsive business decisions. Still, Jack and Sharon continue with their romantic relationship despite the stress caused by altercations with Phyllis, as well as Carmen’s murder investigation.

Then, Paul faces a crisis of conscience when Michael hires him to investigate Brad, drawing him back into the cover-up of Brad’s secret past.  What will he uncover this time?

With all this going on, the last thing Genoa City needs is another upstart heading into town.  But that's just what is about to happen as a mysterious Amber Moore arrives with a hidden agenda.  How will her scheme impact the lives of the other GC denizens?  Tune in sweeps week to find out!