Y&R Fall Previews 2003

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Soapdom grants an inside view at what lies ahead on Y&R

Soapdom Special Y&R Fall Previews 2003

The new Williams family member will be Paul's older brother Todd who is a priest.  How will Fr. Todd impact the denizens of Genoa City?

Sharon Case (Sharon)In the meantime, "The Newman-Abbott Feud" heats up as never before as Sharon finds out that Abby is Victor's child.  What will Sharon do with this new found information?  Shortly thereafter, Ashley's situation threatens to create a domino effect with far-reaching implications for both the Abbott and Newman families. What does Ashley have up her sleeve?

At the same time, The Genoa City Arts Council Gala sets the stage, as Nikki and Sharon battle for the upper hand, each wielding explosive information which could further splinter this family. Who will emerge the victor?  What's more, can Jack and Phyllis survive the ever-deepening Abbott and Newman feud, especially when a familiar, but very unwelcome, face enters the fray? Who returns and why? What do they want?

Then, in a quirky turn of events, Diane goes to work for Jack.  Yes, you guessed it.  The Jack/Phyllis/Diane story will be rehashed, but this time Jack has the upper hand. How will he control the situation?

Kristoff St. John (Neil)While on the other side of town, will the remarriage of Drucilla and Neil bring this family the happiness they seek, or will it be the beginning of even more problems?

Meanwhile, Damon Porter's chemical presence is felt in the lab and out, as things heat up with Victoria. But what will daddy say? Not to mention Phyllis, Dru, Diane…all ladies who might like a chance to "experiment."

Doug Davidson (Paul)At the same time, Lily continues her clandestine Internet romance, drifting further and further from family and friends, leaving herself dangerously vulnerable to Kevin's dark side.   Across town, Paul, unsure about what the future holds for himself and Christine, sets out to try to resolve a devastating incident from their past. Does he succeed?

And then, Kay and Jill, newly discovered mother and daughter, continue their search for understanding and love. But is this really Jill's agenda?

David Lago (Raul)Finally, opposition grows to Brittany's stripping career as her family and friends find out. Unfortunately this only strengthens her alliance with Bobby, and leaves behind a confused and heartsick Raul, ripe for his life to take an unexpected turn.  What will Raul do next?  Find out when you keep your eyes peeled to the Young and the Restless this fall!