Two Top Soapers Take Sharon Osbourne by Storm

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Greg Vaughan and Justin Hartley heat up Osbourne's set

GH's Greg Vaughan and PAS' Justin Hartley on the Sharon Osbourne Show

Your Sneak Preview!

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On Wednesday, January 7, 2004, Greg Vaughan, a.k.a. Lucky Spencer on General Hospital tells Sharon Osbourne what really turns him on!  Photo (c) Warner Bros.

Here's how it plays out...

The talk show host asks, "Do you like doing love scenes?" Vaughan replies, "I prefer to keep my clothes on, but I'm not afraid to take 'em off." Vaughan then touches his fingers to his luscious lips and explains, "It's not about the body to me, it's more about what's goin' on right here."

But the actor who plays Lucky wasn't always so smooth. He's covered with scars from his clumsy childhood! He reveals, "I'm a walking accident waiting to happen....My dad, he said, let's just put a helmet on him and just--let him go."

The Wednesday, January 7th episode of The Sharon Osbourne Show (syndicated, check listings) also includes interviews with Anthony Montgomery (Enterprise), Diane Farr (Like Family), and a performance by Danish dance band Junior Senior.


On Thursday, January 8, 2004, Justin Hartley (Fox Crane on Passions) brings Sharon a sexy surprise--lacy black lingerie!

Hartley maintains a stance of innocence when he says it's for the next time Sharon goes "Under the Covers" to interview a guest.  Here's the fun part!  Sharon takes that suggestion to heart. She pledges to go "Under the Covers" with Justin next time and says, "I will definitely wear this if you come back."

Justin eagerly replies, "Well I think after our segment I'm gonna book my next spot on your show then....maybe this afternoon I'll be back!"

Although a little flustered, Sharon gets back on track and talks about how fascinated she is by Precious, the orangutan who co-stars with Hartley on Passions. Hartley says she's definitely a focal point of the show and jokes, "The nurse orangutan gets more press than all the rest of us combined!"  (Photo (c) Warner Bros.)

But Sharon points out that Precious is only part of what makes Passions a must-see, "It's so bizarre, everything that's going on, you just cannot change channels--you can't!"

Justin elaborates on the phenomenon, "That's the thing--it's definitely not like any other soap. It's kind of like--some people would say it's a spoof on soaps. (But) it's not necessarily a spoof on soaps because we do have serious storylines and things like that but, we definitely like to push the envelope, so to speak, and, just kind of do crazy, far out things..."

Sharon shoots back, "Well it's workin', I'm watching!" Hartley then confesses that there is one thing he doesn't like about working on the soap.

"The only bad thing about the, they put makeup on you, you know, which is great, because you look good, but then you go out to the mall and someone sees you and they're like, 'you look a lot like...the ugly brother of the guy on that one show.'"

The Thursday, January 8th episode of The Sharon Osbourne Show (syndicated, check listings) also includes interviews with Joely Fisher (Wild Card), D.B. Woodside (24), and a performance by Alien Ant Farm.