They Come and They Go

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As Paul Taylor exits ATWT, Sulo Williams signs on with Passions

Paul Taylor (Isaac, ATWT)Sending off ATWT's Paul Taylor
Passions Creates New Role

Street smart Isaac Jenkins is leaving As the World Turns, and so is Paul Taylor, who originated his Emmy-nominated role in 1999. His last tape date was Aug. 6.

"I'll look back at it with fondness," says Taylor of his four years in Oakdale. "I worked with a bunch of great people, from Annie Parisse (ex-Julia) to Miss Eileen [Fulton (Lisa)]."

Taylor's release wasn't entirely unexpected. "I re-signed a three-year contract about a year ago, but I noticed that Isaac didn't have a great deal to do," he shares. "The executives brought me in and said that they haven't been able to write for Isaac, so I'm just going to go out of town."

Taylor's contingency plan is already in effect. "I'm going to be staying with Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo, AMC)," Taylor reveals. Could the real-life roommate reunion lead to a guest spot on Duhamel's new NBC series Las Vegas? "I think a black brother who's friends with [Duhamel]'s character needs to come to town," chuckles Taylor, who will seek out opportunities in film and other prime-time projects. One network has already expressed interest in bringing Taylor to its family.

However, the actor isn't ruling out a return to daytime. "I'd like to deliver a moving storyline for the fans," he said. "People remember Camille's breast cancer, that's how you mark a soap experience.  And because I'm a competitive person, I would like to come back and win that Emmy."

Passions Creates New Hip Hop Role

Sulo Williams joins the cast of Passions in the recurring role of “Puff Dog,” a street thug in Los Angeles who has a past with Chad and a rising recording label of his own. Puff Dog uses violence and threats as a way to get what he wants for his business ventures and we will soon find out exactly what he wants from Chad! 

Sulo’s other credits include Co-Star roles on “Nash Bridges” and “Babaloney” a pilot with French Stewart.  Additionally he has guest starred on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “City Lights.”  He had a supporting role in the film “Playing Mona Lisa.”  Sulo’s first airdate as Puff Dog on Passions is September 18, 2003.