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Chasing Rosanna...this little lady's got quite the search team

Where’s Rosanna?  Craig, Jack, Paul, Carly and Lucy are Hot on Her Trail!

Cady McClain (Rosanna) and
Hunt Block (Craig)
Photo CBS

Not that long ago, Rosanna (Cady McClain) boarded a plane and high tailed it out of Oakdale.  Disillusioned with love, life and her attempt at adopting a baby, Rosanna needed to clear her head and maybe even her heart.  

But recently, friends and family in Oakdale have suspected that there may have been more to Rosanna’s abrupt departure than meets the eye. 

Was she in some kind of danger?  Is she at the root of some manipulation?  What’s the real story behind her leaving? 

Toward the end of this week, Jack (Michael Park) and Craig’s (Hunt Block) suspicions get the better of them.  Hot on Rosanna’s trail, they head to New York City to question Lev, the owner of a NYC pawnshop.  Will Lev shed any light on Rosanna’s whereabouts?  While at the pawnshop, Jack and Craig encounter a NYPD officer.  Does the New York cop assist their investigation or hamper it? 

In the meantime, Paul (Roger Howarth), Carly (Maura West) and Lucy (Peyton List) follow another trail on the hunt for Rosanna.  Their leads take them to St. Bart’s where they meet up with a rather affable hotel clerk named Putney. Putney tries to help them track down information about Rosanna, but his boss, the Hotel Manager, is more tight-lipped on the subject, and refuses to give up any info on Rosanna’s whereabouts.

But wait.  Who is this man named De Grassi? Is he involved somehow with Rosanna's disappearance?

Set your VCR’s for Friday, March 26, 2004 as Cady McClain's Rosanna returns to Oakdale. What story developments will arrive with her?  Where has she been and why? Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week!