Soapdom Exclusive! DOOL Serial Stalker to be Revealed

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Soapdom comes clean on when the Salem killer will be announced

...Before the end of January!

Is it Marlena, John, Sami, Hattie, Nicole, Bo, Bonnie or ...? 

As every loyal Days of our Lives fan knows, it could be just about anyone.  No one is above suspicion, unless, of course they're already a victim. Or -- could a death have been faked? 

The sky's the limit when it comes to guessing who the Salem Stalker could be. Days fans have been watching patiently for months trying to figure it out.  Well, get ready to set your VCRs.  On Wednesday, January 28, 2004 the Salem Serial Stalker will be revealed.  In fact, you will know who it is before the law enforcement of Salem knows.  How cool is that?

As we get more details on this breaking story we will share them with you, so stay tuned to