Soap Star Summer Vacation 2004

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Blast from the past ~ Summer means fun, friends, family & travel for soap stars

Where The Soap Stars Go for Summer Fun

Just like you, soap celebrities get some time off in the summer to take a vacation. Some hang around town and relax. Others return to their home towns to catch up with old friends and family. Many take off for exotic locales.

And get this. Along with the stars taking some time off, so too, do the soaps. For example, Passions was dark for two whole weeks in July. The Bold and the Beautiful will take a hiatus in August.

So – what are the stars planning for summer vacation 2004? We caught up with quite a few of them who were more than happy to share their summer plans.

Juliet Mills (Tabitha, PAS)

“At the end of July I will have a two week vacation and my husband and I plan to go to Amsterdam to relax and enjoy ourselves. Otherwise our ideal vacation spot is on a beach, like Hawaii. We prefer to take the kind of vacation where we do not feel pressured to run around and keep a schedule. A beach setting is where it is easiest to relax.”

Tony Geary (Luke, GH)

”I’ll be taking my usual sabbatical and heading off to my home in Europe for 17 weeks.” When we caught up with him at the Daytime Emmys, he hinted that when he returns to GH after his vacation, there may be some changes in store for his character, Luke. Stay tuned!

Laura Wright, (Cassie GL)

“I want to plan a trip to the Bahamas with my family, but I am still not sure when...depends upon schedule.”

Beth Ehlers (Harley, GL)

“I plan to go to Phoenix this summer. I love to travel whenever my schedule permits, but now that my daughter is in Kindergarten; I will have to be more cautious planning trips because I don’t want to disrupt my daughter's school schedule. It is important not to pull kids out of school when it is in session.”

Beth Chamberlain (Beth, GL)

“Every summer, I return to my home state of Vermont for a 5-day trip/retreat. Another couple joins us and we go to an area in Northern Vermont, where we stay together with our families in a private home. We go there prepared with everything, including recipes and ingredients and cookware in order to enjoy cooking every night instead of going out. The cooking is one of the highlights of the vacation. Every night we cook something elaborate from among our favorite recipes and eat until we are stuffed! Last year, I actually put on some noticeable extra weight during the trip. In fact, when I returned to work it was still one of those long days in Springfield and I had to pick up the taping of a scene that had started before vacation. After the vacation, I had to wear the same blazer I wore in the scene that shot before the vacation, but after the trip I couldn't even button it! Anyone paying attention to the scene would have noticed the difference.”

Kim Zimmer (Reva, GL)

“I had planned to do a play in July but changed plans...because of a request from CBS to be part of a big promo-campaign. So as of now, I am planning to be in NY.”

Kurt McKinney (ex Matt, GL)

“(I am) planning two vacations with the family this to the beach in Cape Cod, MA and also another beach trip to Sarasota, FL, where we usually head every summer for a few days. Going to the beach is great for everyone. The kids love to play in the sand and my wife and I like to go on vacation and just relax more than anything. But my vacation schedule revolves around auditioning, and I am doing a lot of that.”

Dan Gauthier (Kevin, OLTL)

“As of now, the only plans he has for sure are to visit Kurt McKinney at his home in upstate NY. They will just hang out and also play some golf there.”

Justin Deas (Buzz, GL) and Margaret Colin-Deas

“We just returned from Africa where we enjoyed going on a safari. The entire trip was just great! I’d like to plan a trip to Alaska with Margaret depending upon my work schedule.”

George Alvarez (Fr. Ray, GL)

JUST returned from trip to Aruba where he went with his wife and new-born daughter. Both George and his wife had great tans from spending as much time as possible outdoors while in Aruba.

James Reynolds (Abe, DOOL)

“It doesn’t look like I will get a summer vacation this year. I’ll be traveling, but it will be work involved. We go back to my home town and have a fund raiser there for a couple of different causes. I’ll be doing some other traveling for the USO. Unfortunately, there will be no relaxing on the beach in Hawaii for me this year.”

Eric Winter (Rex, DOOL)

“I have about a week and a half off. Maybe Cancun or Hawaii.”

Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)

“(I’ll be) working. No vacation planned, but I will be traveling every weekend on my book tour.” For tour dates and to come on out to meet Ali, visit

Rhasaan Orange (Tek,DOOL)

“(I’ll be) working a lot. But maybe, going to Salem Island,” he said with a grin. “Definitely to NY to visit my dad, but for the most part, I like to play it by ear.”

Kyle Brandt (Philip, DOOL)

It’s all about me this summer. I am single and I am going to work on me. Get into the best shape. Work out a lot, work on my writing. As a single guy, is he looking to meet Ms. Right? “Not right now. Need to work on me first.”

Brody Hustler (Patrick, DOOL)

“(I will be) working and being busy with the show. I just came back from London for a few days, and do plan a trip to Vermont in August to visit my sister.”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R)

“I don’t have any summer vacation plans yet,” she revealed. “I will get time off this summer, but I don’t have any plans yet.”

Sean Kanan (Deacon, B&B)

"I will be going to Italy for a few weeks. Rome and Milan to be exact. I'm going to travel with one of my oldest friends," Kanan said. "I love Italy. It brings out the Italian in me. I'd even consider living there a portion of the year. Hey, if it's good enough for George Clooney, then it's good enough for me.”

Jillian Clare (Abby, DOOL)

“I think I am going to horse camp, because my friend and I always do it every year. Hopefully, maybe get a role on a movie cos there are some movies out there so I am hoping. And if not, just playing through my summer as a kid!”

Natalia Livingston (Emily, GH)

“Not really yet. I am hoping that I can go back to Georgia cos my parents are there, I am thinking going for July 4. I also have a high school reunion and I am excited about attending that also.”

Amelia Marshall (Liz, PAS)

“We have a lovely break because it’s Passions and our exec gives us these lovely breaks. We get two weeks off in July and we all can’t wait. I’ve been wanting to do something with my kid since he was born – cos I think it was the same year that they first started – so we are doing the Disney Cruise Line. We’re doing 7 days on the Disney Cruise Line. He’s excited and so am I. He is six. So Peter Pan and Captian Hook and those guys better watch out, cos we’re coming!”

Eva La Rue (Maria, AMC)

Prior to their recently announced split, Eva La Rue (Maria, AMC) and her real life husband John Callahan (Edmund, AMC) had plans to jet off to Laguna Beach, California to celebrate John's friends 50th birthday. I can hardly wait," La Rue said. "In August, my husband and I will be getting away to Italy where we will be visiting friends and staying at their villa.” But that was their plan before the split.

Contributors: Linda Marshall-Smith,
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