Soap Operas Unsung Heros

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The supporting and day players that add so much to our soaps 

Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman, As the World turns)Five days a week actors and actresses grace our small screen, coming into our homes becoming almost like family. We have the men and women we love, hate and love to hate. There’s always at least one or two that no matter their storyline we tune in lending our silent hopes and support. Every time a print or online publication has an article or photos of our favorites, especially the couples known as super couples, we buy or log on to learn all we can whether it be fact or juicy gossip.

Just like everything in life and business, there are unsung heroes that sometimes get a vague thank you during an award acceptance, but they go about their work, never expecting or receiving gratitude for what they do. In the soap and television industry, these people are the crews that work behind the scenes. Without these hard working men and women there wouldn’t be a show for our favorite actors to get out there strut their stuff.

Somewhere in the mix of the front and center of daytime and the behind the scenes, there is a group of men and women that are just as hard working as the stars and underappreciated like many crews that we and the viewers never think about. Characters such as Henry and Vienna (ATWT), Clarke Garrison (B&B), Gina (Y&R), Ester Valentine (Y&R), Remy (GL), Doris Wolfe (GL), Lillian (GL), Opal (AMC), Carlotta (OLTL), the once very front-burnered  Monica (GH), Victor (DOOL) and the many pre-teens that seem to have popped up recently, and countless others that escape me at this moment.

These characters never really, or rarely carry, a major storyline or have lives of their own but do support the actors and even supporting actors. These characters and their portrayers add a certain edge to an already dramatic storyline and sometimes provide a dash of comedy that “serious” actors of daytime just don’t deliver. Whether it's with quirky antics and clever remarks that enlist a little giggle from the viewer, or the sound, objective voice of reason that our main characters constantly need, no matter the subject matter, they add a certain, much needed element to the show. Without the added wisdom and humor or sometimes both in the same message, something special would be lost in the affection we feel towards the plots that are on the front burner.

As you watch your favorite shows, read about your favorite characters and shows, and attend fan events, don ’t forget the little guys. Appreciate them for what they are and bring to the small screen today and hope for a fruitful future for them in daytime or whatever avenue they decide to take their career. You never know who may someday be standing on the stage at The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood accepting the award for Outstanding Actor or Actress for a Daytime Drama.

Let’s take a moment to remember the many characters we couldn’t live without that began their illustrious careers as short timers and made their way to star status. Buzz Cooper, Carly Teeney, Phyllis Summers-Abbott-Newman, Jack Snyder, Jonathan Randall, Olivia Spencer, Donna Logan, Gus Arturo, Gloria Abbott, and Kevin Fisher. These are just a few of the many, many characters and portrayers that got our attention and made us fall in love with them, good and bad.

When rooting for the good or bad guy don’t forget to root for the little guy as well. Let us know here at Soapdom, below in the comment log, who your favorite supporting character is and why. Do you have more than one, even better. We care about all of the men and women of the soaps, not just the stars, and Soapdom cares about your opinions and thoughts. Soapdom salutes the funny, the wise, and the talented men and women that support the stars of daytime.