Sizzle Pix ~ B&B's Lorenzo Lamas

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Check out these photos of rugged stud Lamas, B&B's new Hector

From Falcon Crest to Renegade to Firefighter on B&B

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Lorenzo Lamas is no wall flower when it comes to taking on projects that enhance both his rugged good looks and his appeal to the masses. Son of actors Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl, Lorenzo was born into a life of showbiz, and it didn't take long for his parent's choice of career to rub off on him. 

Perhaps best known for his role on Falcon Crest, he was later seen world-wide in the syndicated series Renegade.  His recent arrival on B&B as Hector Ramirez has opened the doors to a wealth of new story material with on-screen daughter, Caitlin Ross, played by Kayla Ewell.  Not to mention the implications his role as firefighter, quite a departure from B&B's usual high-fashion types, might have on the ladies in town. 

But here's the thing!  When we got our eyes on this hot sizzle pics of Lamas, we just had to share.  Keep the fans on fans, cos these pix are hot!  Check them out!

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