PC May Sweeps 2003 Previews!

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What's in store for Port Charles this summer

Soapdom Special Port Charles May 2003 Sweeps Peeks

Michael Easton (Caleb)Greed and betrayal are the focal point for "Port Charles'" eleventh book, "Desire," as Joshua (Ian Buchanan) gears up to take over in his bid to be king bat, in an attempt to bring down his deadliest adversary, Caleb Morley (Michael Easton).

Brian Gaskill (Rafe)When the tables are turned, Alison (Erin Hershey Presley) and Rafe (Brian Gaskill) must team up with their bitter enemies, Caleb and Livvie (Kelly Monaco), to fight evil, which leads to an unexpected kiss.

While the whole town is turned upside down, Ian (Thorsten Kaye) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) are faced with a battle that could prove to be deadly, while Kevin (Jon Robert Lindstrom) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Staab) grow closer.

Kiko Elsworth (Jamal)Jamal (Kiko Ellsworth) and Frank (Jay Pickett) are both caught in compromising positions, as they take a walk to the dark side, leaving their morals and convictions behind. And Ricky and Casey must find a way to fight temptation because of the pact she made to return to Earth.