Passions Summer 2003 Previews!

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Summer time brings even more heat to Passions

Soapdom Special Passions Summer 2003 Previews
by James E. Reilly
Creator / Head Writer / Consulting Producer    May 5, 2003

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan)It’s summer in Harmony and the heat is on...  the grapes swell on the vine, the tomatoes are ready to be plucked... hot musical guest stars feel like singing...  and Sheridan, Tabitha, Gwen and Kay get closer to term.    Does this fruitful season signal happy times ahead?  Absolutely - not!

Disaster befalls Sheridan and her unborn child as her clown nightmare comes true.  Beth and Charlie’s fiendish plans come to fruition and Sheridan may end up paying with her life. It seems as if Sheridan has disappeared again, and a devastated Luis will stop at nothing to find her - even if it means finally telling his brother, Antonio, the truth about his “bride”.

Justin Hartley (Fox)Fox Crane, ladies man and ne’er-do-well-in-training, has finally fallen in love - with Whitney Russell.  And like the true Crane he is, he sets out to conquer her, no matter what impediments stand in his way -- like her true love for Chad and three thousand miles!

Will the Eve/Julian romantic tragedy be replayed by the younger generation? Can disaster be preordained?

Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel)A baby is in crisis, near death; heartbreak, recriminations, the danger that a brief candle of a life will flicker out.  Kay and Miguel will have to grow up awfully fast, but all their prayers and modern technology may be for naught.   A lonely Charity meets Death roaming the halls of the Harmony Hospital - who will he strike?

Juliet Mills (Tabitha)Meanwhile Tabitha’s baby seems to be developing a mind of it’s own...months before it’s born!  And it’s a mind bent on vengeance.  It’s a common fantasy for Julian’s children to wish for his death but few have the power to accomplish the dirty deed.

Lindsay Korman (Theresa)The summer heats up even more when Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, Whitney, Chad and Fox arrive in Los Angeles. Not only are they working together, they end up living together!  As Chad comes face to face with his down-and-dirty past, Fox puts major moves on Whitney. The sun bakes down, the clothes come off, the couples switch from beach to bedroom to pool to dance club in a fever of love and passion; some incredible musical guest stars heat up the town even more with their song. On Passions the fireworks aren’t just limited to the Fourth of July.

Mrs. Wallace and Precious keep knocking back the gin to help them forget
what’s down in the deep dark basement...  besides the rats.