PASSIONS November Sweeps 2003 Previews

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Hints at upcoming story lines on Passions

Soapdom Special Passions November Sweeps 2003 Sneak Previews

by James E. Reilly Creator / Head Writer / Consulting Producer

The hunt for Sheridan’s kidnapper is gearing up for a crashing finale; at top speed Luis chases crazy Charlie the baby thief into a trap - while pushing her mind over the edge!   Can she find a way out?   Let’s hope so - you never know what a desperate rat will do when cornered; and there’s a baby seat in the back of the car!  With the media transmitting every moment, half the town of Harmony must pull together. And remember, at times of crisis emotions run high and simple truths have a way of slapping you in the face - several citizens of Harmony get slapped but good.

Dreams have died in Los Angeles...  How can any couple deal with the death of a child?  Ethan is consumed by guilt and Gwen can barely cope; her heart is broken, and all that’s left is hatred... for Theresa.   Theresa is so obsessed by her love for Ethan she’s forgetting common decency.    Whitney? She barely has a moment to reflect on Chad’s betrayal before she gets shot -by Latoya, the wife Chad forget to tell her about!    Chad’s hotshot career will mean nothing without Whitney’s love... and he doesn’t yet know TC Russell feels like murdering him and is on his way to L.A.

And then of course, poor, poor Fox - well, no, actually Fox is doing just fine, thank you very much!   Whitney hasn’t jumped into his arms - yet, but she’s certainly moving in Fox’s direction after Chad’s bitter betrayal!

Watch for a sweet treat the day Mrs. Wallace reads Precious a fairy tale; there’s nothing like a gentle, loving tale for children to warm your heart...  unless you’re Beth.  She gets so warm she’s burned alive...

The fiendish plans Ivy planted years ago are finally bearing fruit.  She has Grace so utterly convinced David is her first husband Grace is finally forced to choose between Sam and David - will it be Husband #1 or Husband #2?   Whichever choice she makes, someone will be hurt.   If all goes according to plan, Ivy will be on hand to comfort Sam for good.

P.S.  You think you have problems when you fly nowadays?   Wait until you see what happens when Julian gives the Russell’s a ride to Los Angeles on the Crane jet! With Liz spitting bile and Rebecca swilling champagne, it’s the flight from hell - and they don’t even get frequent flier miles!  Stay tuned!