Passions Monkey Shines at Oscar Time

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Precious lets Ellen Degeneres in on his Oscar picks

Passions Precious Guest Stars on Ellen Degeneres Show

That wacky love-struck Arangutang, Precious the Nurse, shows up in real life on The Ellen Degeneres Show today, Thursday, February 26.  We're not sure if her paramour, Luis, will join her, but we love him, so we are running his photo here!

Did you know that Precious' name in real life is BAM BAM and BAM BAM is a boy?  Well, like all entertainment-oriented Arangutangs, he has just got to share his very own OSCAR picks.  Who and what will make BAM BAM's list of Oscar predictions?  One thing is certain. If Luis was nominated, he would definitely be on the list!  LOL

Find out who makes BAM BAM's Oscar List on "The Ellen Degeneres Show"  on Thursday, February 26th.  Syndicated check local listings for time and channel.