Passions' McKenzie Westmore Tells All...

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Westmore rides high in acting career and on the world wide web

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS) Photo: LMS...Well, Almost! 
Many of you may be wondering what happened to McKenzie Westmore's website. I just clicked on it and was refused access. "You are forbidden access to this server," the dialog box says. It seems that the old site is down. A hacker got into it and played around with the programming a bit. But that's not the whole reason why the site is gone. It's gone because McKenzie has a brand new site in the works!

"The new site will have a lot of the same kind of content," McKenzie told me over the phone earlier tonight, "including a fitness and nutrition section. It will have more fun stuff, too! Like games, and we will be selling calendars and posters." Naturally, I wanted to know the whole story behind McKenzie's change in url's and websites. And you know me. I just had to ask! LOL

"I only had the first site online for a few months,"McKenzie said. "I decided I wanted a site after I saw Galen Gering's (Luis, PAS) site. I really liked the design so I contacted his webmaster and we worked out a deal for her to create a site for me."

Then, the web designer got a few government contracts. In other words, some pretty heavy duty clients. Those commitments became so pressing that she could not continue to do McKenzie's site. "She just didn't have the time," admitted McKenzie. "So, we parted ways. But I totally understood her situation, and we parted on good terms."

Then, McKenzie heard that her old site had been hacked into and then went down. Luckily, McKenzie had already met up with her new web designer." A couple of times a month my parents go to a wine tasting," McKenzie explained. "A few weeks ago they met a man at one of these wine tastings who was taking digital photos for a wine website." Her parents approached him and mentioned that their daughter was looking for a new webmaster. They asked if he would be interested in talking with McKenzie. "But he wasn’t eager to take anyone on because he doesn't really do web designing anymore. He was just doing a favor for the wine company," McKenzie said.

All that changed after he met with McKenzie, however. He agreed to do her new site. "I am really excited about working with him, too," said McKenzie. "He was involved in the Cindy Margolis site!" And we all know how popular the website made Ms. Margolis!

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS) Photo: LMSBut before there was the internet, there was McKenzie's decision to become an actor. She is from a long line of theatrical make-up artists. Her great, great grandfather, George Westmore, was the wigmaker for the Queen of England at the turn of the century. He migrated to New York and eventually made his way to Los Angeles where he began doing make up and hair for silent movies. He was the founder of the very first movie make up department. Her great uncle is "Bud Westmore," whose credits as a make up artist span four decades and include over 300 movie titles. Her uncles and great uncles were all make up artists for film and television. McKenzie's dad is Michael Westmore, a 9-time Emmy winner and an Oscar winner for the film Mask. He is currently doing the make up for the Star Trek Voyager television series.

There was a point when McKenzie wanted to follow in the great heritage of her family, and another when she actually thought about becoming a veterinarian. But acting turned out to be her true passion (no pun intended! LOL) and she decided to carry on the Westmore tradition in entertainment in a slightly different way. As an actor.

"I began acting as a baby," McKenzie said. "Just as I was learning how to walk, I did a commercial. At age 3 1/2, I was in the movie, Raging Bull. But then," McKenzie admitted, " I went into shy period and didn't want to do anything with anybody." Her parents put her into acting classes to get her out of her shell.

Then, early last year, McKenzie got the call to audition for Passions. But interestingly, it wasn't to audition for Sheridan. "I originally read for Gwen," McKenzie explained. "And got called back for the producers. But the producers said they didn't see me as Gwen, they saw me more as this other character, Sheridan."

The whole audition process began over again. McKenzie read for the role of Sheridan for casting directors, and was called back again for the producers. "This time the producers said they didn't think my reading was in the best light because of my choice of clothes. They explained that Sheridan was this bombshell, and they felt my audition dress was too matronly. They asked that I camera test again, but this time, in much sexier dress!"

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS) Photo: LMSFor the next few days, McKenzie and her mom shopped till they dropped and still could not find the perfect dress. Finally, the night before the "re-test," they tried Forever 21, a clothing store that caters to "juniors," and carries everything from casual to dressy attire. It's there they found a dress.

"It was long evening gown,"McKenzie said. "We rushed it to the first alteration place we could find on Ventura Blvd, and asked the tailor if he could cut it off, slit it up the side, and have it for the next day!" It was a very fitted, tight red dress. "We knew if it were cut off with a slit, it would be perfect. We'd spent hours looking for a dress and couldn't find anything, but we knew this would work if it were altered."

The tailor made the alterations in time, and McKenzie had the perfect dress for her audition. "I had to test again in front of the camera." She crossed her fingers and waited to hear if she got the part. Her birthday was on a Monday. That night when she blew out the candlesóshe made a special and very private wish. That she would get the part. "I didn't tell anyone about my birthday wish," said McKenzie "and the next day Passions called and said you had the part of Sheridan! Not only that, they also said that I was to leave the following Sunday for Paris where we shot for a week!" And the rest, as they say, is Harmony history.

So, what did McKenzie have to say about the future of Sheridan and Luis? "Something big is coming up," she revealed. "And it should make the fans very happy!" But as far as Sheridan finding out about the Luis mask, or any major sharing of their true feelings for each other, we will have to keep tuning in to see just how and when that all plays out!

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