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A quick rundown on Mills' long and diverse acting career

Juliet Mills -- Bio and Triva

An English actress of stage, screen and television, sister to Hayley Mills and daughter of Sir John Mills, Juliet first came to notice in films, actually after her sister Hayley started her career. Juliet, however was first plucked into the screen after signing a contract with Warner Brothers and taking small roles in comedies like "Nurse on Wheels" and "Carry on Jack.” 

But it wasn't until 1966, when Juliet started getting attention in her role oppostie James Stewart in the western film "The Rare Breed.” She continued in television in the seventies as a recurring guest star on "The Love Boat,” "Wonder Woman" and "Fantasy Island.” She got her first starring television series "Nanny and The Professor" in 1970 co-starring Richard Long, the series was top rated, but was shortly cancelled after two seasons by ABC.

She hit the screen again in 1974 playing the possessed Jessica Barrett in the Italian horror film "Beyond the Door" for Film Ventures International, but it was pulled from theaters because it resembled "The Exorcist" even though it was becoming a box office hit. She didn't get very many roles after that and continued in television through the eighties. She did a small part in "Waxwork II: Lost in Time" and then played Juliette Lewis's friendly maid in the 1999 major motion picture "The Other Sister" co-starring Diane Keaton and Tom Skerrit. Juliet Mills currently stars in daytime television series "Passions" playing Tabitha the witch. She is married to actor Maxwell Caulfield.

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