Passions Fall Previews 2003

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Expect the unexpected on Passions for Fall 2003

Soapdom Special Passions Fall Previews 2003

By James E. Reilly
Creator / Head Writer / Consulting ProducerLiza Huber and Eric Martsolf (Gwen and Ethan)

Thanks to the able Dr. Abel, Gwen’s precarious pregnancy seems to be under control, but being stuck in the hospital is such a bore!   She feels perfectly well - so well, in fact, she insists on checking out.  Will her blood pressure remain under control when she finds out what Ethan and Theresa have been up to in the condo?  On the beach?  And in the bedroom?

Charles Divens and Brooke Kerr (Chad and Whitney)
Whitney has risked it all to follow her love Chad out to the coast, confident she can trust him - but when a secret from his past is revealed her world is shattered.  In her grief she turns to her new friend, Fox - but even Fox might not be able to help her when the guns start going off!

Rodney van Johnson (TC)
Thanks to Liz, TC and Eve’s marriage has never been rockier.  So far the stalwart TC has avoided temptation. Will he be able to stand fast when Liz's clothes come off?  Meanwhile, Rebecca, the next “Mrs. Julian Crane-in-Waiting” smells a rat. She knows that there’s definitely another woman in Julian’s life and Rebecca won’t stop until she’s hunted her down.

Juliet Mills (Tabitha)
For centuries Tabitha has been able to thwart accusations of witchcraft... but with the tiny Endora trying out her new powers at inopportune moments, the jig may finally be up. Come the harvest they might be burning witches again on the village green in Harmony!

Kathleen Noone (Mrs. Wallace)
Now that Charlie and Beth have their hands on the baby, Sheridan alive is a liability. For the twisted duo, Sheridan dead is the only logical choice - but how to do it?  Decisions, decisions...  Luckily Mrs. Wallace is addicted to “Law and Order” - leaving evidence of Sheridan's murder behind wouldn’t be prudent.

Molly Stanton (Charity)
And as for Charity...  after she made her deal with Death to save Kay’s baby she thought he’d depart.  But he’s still always lurking, just around the corner...  Why?

The answer is easy.  Keep your remotes tuned to Passions this Fall and find out!