Passions 2003 Previews!

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Passions head writer leaks some hints as to what comes in 2003

Lindsay Korman (Theresa, PAS) and Eric Marstorr (Ethan, PAS)Soapdom Special Passions 2003 Previews
Contributed by Passions Creator and Head writer, James E. Reilly

For 2003 you can count on Passions to supply you with large doses of sin and sex, love and hate, good and evil, and just plain fun!  Harmony is a town with magic in the air – literally.

Theresa has settled into her role as Mrs. Julian Crane with a vengeance, but realizes Ethan is lost to her forever.  Her relationship with Fox, Julian and Ivy’s son, deepens, but is he friend or foe?  Can she trust him?  Meanwhile, Julian and Rebecca haven’t given up their quest to ous6 the minx from the Crane mansion.Charles Divins (Chad, PAS) and Brooke Kerr (Whitney, PAS)  Something explodes early in 2003 which will jeopardize Theresa’s entire life!  She may end up with nothing. Will Theresa get her just deserts? 

Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad continue to think their hot relationship is a secret from Simone; beware of a woman scorned!  With Kay’s help, Whitney may end up without a career, a family – or her man!Ameila Marshall (Liz, PAS)

With her sister now firmly ensconced in the garage apartment, Eve is frantic to keep any knowledge of her lurid past life from TC.  Lord knows what will happen when his hot temper bursts forth … but secrets will out!  Meantime, Liz distances Eve from her own daughters, and might soon be sleeping in Eve’s bed – with Eve’s husband! Oh my.  Watch out Eve.

Galen Gering (Luis, PAS) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS)No matter which way they turn, the romance between Luis and Sheridan seems doomed (you ain’t kiddin!). With Beth conniving to keep the two apart, and Antonio dying by inches, there’s no way to keep the flame of their love alive – except – in secret! 

Tune in Passions next year to see what happens next.....