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Home Features Exclusives One Man’s Opinion ~ In Defense of Lindsay Rappaport

One Man’s Opinion ~ In Defense of Lindsay Rappaport

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David Roberts suggests the true appeal of OLTL's Lindsay

Love Her or Hate Her, OLTL’s Lindsay is One Intriguing Character

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Lindsay Rappaport.  If you are a fan of One Life to Live, then the minute that name is said the first thing to pop into your head would be trouble.  There is no doubt that Lindsay is the reigning queen of trouble currently in Llanview, and it is a reputation that she has earned through blood, sweat and tears, and tears, and tears.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she helps to keep Llantano River full during a dry season.  As I start this out, it might sound like I am not a fan of Lindsay and all of her shenanigans, but the truth is, I love Lindsay, as portrayed by Catherine Hickland, and I am going to attempt to explain why.

Throughout the years of One Life to Live, they have always seemed to specialize in the bad girls that you can’t seem to root for.  The first ones that pop into my head would be Tina Roberts, Gabrielle Medina, Blair Daimler and now Lindsay (and for the purists, I did not list the married names of these characters-that would be a whole other article). 

For some reason, however, Lindsay does not get the respect that I think she is entitled to and is always getting the short end of the stick, especially with the fans.  Lindsay has done some pretty drastic things over the years which include: tampering with Bo’s DNA test results to show he was sterile (he wasn’t); discovering Nora was alive after a train accident and holding her hostage for months and then injecting her with a mind-erasing drug so Nora wouldn’t remember that Lindsay knew she was alive, tried to break up her daughter Jennifer’s relationship with Christian Vega numerous times, chained Troy McIver to a funhouse wheel and left him to die, and she committed the ultimate crime when she accidentally killed her first husband Sam.  I think that none of these things would have ever happened if Lindsay got the one thing she craves the most out of life which is the love and respect of a honest man. 

When Lindsay first arrived on the scene, she was already divorced from Sam Rappaport and had two adult children, Will and Jennifer.  We learned that her marriage to Sam ended when she cheated on him with Sam’s unnamed law partner, but she felt that her marriage was empty since he was still in love with his old flame, Nora.  Imagine living in a marriage for years feeling that you are the other woman and that everything you are trying to provide to your husband and family will never be enough because your husband cannot let go of the great love of his life. 

This insecurity, which developed over the years, is what drives Lindsay to do the things that she does.  The entire time she was involved with Bo Buchanan, Lindsay could not stop herself from doing things that she knew were not right, but she felt that the shadow of Nora would once again eclipse the happiness she found. So, she took drastic measures to ensure that the love of a good man was hers. 

I applauded when Lindsay called out Nora at the Woman of the Year banquet and revealed that Nora had a one-night stand with Sam in order to provide Bo with a child.  Nora took drastic measures, just like Lindsay has done and will continue to do, to hold onto the love in her life and those measures ultimately cost both women the love of Bo. 

Yet, in today’s Llanview, Nora is still a good woman in Bo’s eyes and Lindsay is a shrew.  During the entire Bo/Lindsay/Nora saga, I think my favorite moment of Lindsay’s was when it was believed that Nora died in the train crash and Lindsay stated out loud “if there is any justice in this world, that woman is dead.”  Yes that is an awful thing to say, but I give her the utmost respect for saying what she truly feels, plus the fact that she is not afraid to defend what she says. 

Another tale of Lindsay I wish to focus on is the saga of Troy McIver.  When Colin McIver was killed by Nora (which Lindsay was accused of) Colin’s twin brother, Troy, came to town to make amends for what his brother had did.  He, like his brother, fell in love with Nora and wanted to help her prove that Lindsay was behind her kidnapping and subsequent memory loss.  Troy chased after Lindsay and eventually wore her down and made Lindsay fall in love with him.  He even went as far as proposing to Lindsay just so he could try to get her to confess to what she did.  For those months, Lindsay was truly happy and finally thought she would be happy with someone who loved her for her and had no fear of being eclipsed by Nora.  This man made love to her and built her up as a good person, only to shatter her world by telling her he loved Nora and despised Lindsay. 

Babes Behind Bars, July 4, 2002 Photo (c) ABCLindsay was used, both physically and mentally, and she snapped and hit Troy with a crowbar and chained him to a funhouse wheel.  I agree that her actions are over the top but a person’s basic instinct is to survive and she did what she had to do to protect herself.  Eventually, Troy was rescued and Lindsay went to jail and paid for her crimes to Nora.  True, she did get an early release from prison for saving the governor’s daughter, but her time in jail was no cakewalk. She was verbally and physically assaulted on a daily basis.  Yet, after all of this, Lindsay returned to Llanview society and still maintained a successful art gallery and held her head up high. 

The final act of Lindsay that needs to be defended is her murder of Sam.  Mitch Laurence, who has a history of preying on the women of Llanview, narrowed in on Lindsay and used all of her insecurities against her.  He convinced her to kill Troy and Lindsay, at her breaking point, did fire a gun at which she thought was Troy but was in fact Sam.  This murder shattered her, and Lindsay had a complete mental breakdown.  Lindsay was hospitalized and released and tried to be a productive member of society once again.  She was repentant about what she had done and honestly tried to do the right thing. 

She currently is having an affair with her daughter’s ex-husband, Rex Balsom.  Once again, however, she is being used.  Rex initially seduced Lindsay to make Jen jealous, which he did.  Jen disposed of Rex for Joe Buchanan but once her mother started to see him, she demanded that Lindsay stop seeing him or she would break all ties with Lindsay.  So let me get this straight-you can forgive your mother for killing your father, but sleeping with a man you disposed of to basically trade-up to something better, is unforgivable?  Lindsay did not accept her ultimatum and is continuing to see Rex because, once again, a man is showing her attention and comfort, which is all Lindsay craves. 

I think the character of Lindsay Rappaport is complex and I am sure there are many arguments for and against her.  This is just one small article in her defense since she is always on the offensive.  Lindsay, this is one person who is always on your side and knows that once you get the love you deserve, there will be no stopping you.  Watch out Llanview because I am hoping that day is soon.

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