OLTL May Sweeps 2003 Previews!

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Peeking in at what's to come for OLTL in the May sweeps

Soapdom Special One Life to Live May Sweeps 2003 Peeks!

Love, doubt, deception, intrigue, new relationships and longtime rivalries are all in store for the citizens of Llanview on "One Life to Live."

Roscoe Born (Mitch)Dorian (Robin Strasser) teams up with Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) to gaslight Mitch (Roscoe Born). In this cunning game of cat and mouse, someone will be shot and someone will appear to die.

Despite her history with Dorian, Viki (Erika Slezak) gives her fair warning that Mitch will not think twice about ending her life.

Clint Ritchie (Clint)Clint (Clint Ritchie) returns to town to help his children and will finally meet his daughter, Natalie (Melissa Archer).

As Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) tries to protect Jessica (Bree Williamson) from Mitch and Dorian, their feelings start to move beyond friendship. Danger is not the only thing that threatens to keep this new couple apart.

Joey (Bruce Michael Hall) finds himself following in Andrew's (Robert Krimmer) footsteps from the past when he ends up in the middle between Flash (Shanelle Workman) and a very reckless Jen (Jessica Morris).

David Fumero (Cristian)Cristian (David Fumero) offers to be a decoy to help his brother get his longtime rival, Cole (Leif Riddell), but the situation will escalate to endanger the citizens of Llanview.

Al (Nathaniel Marston) discovers that Marcie (Kathy Brier) truly cares for him and is forced to rely on their blossoming relationship when he is tempted by his old addiction.

Fiona Hutchinson (Gabrielle)Gabrielle (Fiona Hutchison) confides in ex-lover Max (James DePaiva), as she wrestles with her insecurities about Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith), now that they share a child together.

A handsome stranger (Trevor St. John) arrives in town with a family connection to someone in Llanview.He will immediately become involved with Llanview's major players, leaving them unsure whether or not his intentions are to help or to harm.

On Tuesday, May 13, Llanview's mothers will receive a special thanks from their children in honor of Mother's Day.