OLTL February Sweeps 2004

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Sweeps will get you guessing about what's next on OLTL

From Todd's Rape Case to Viki's Visit with Ben!  It's February Sweeps in Llanview!

The Mannings are torn apart when Blair loses custody of Starr, but Todd is willing to go to jail to keep their family together. Will Blair drop the charges against Todd?

Marcie fumes when she sees Al kissing Jen. The clock is running out for Al — will Marcie forgive him in time?

The Music Box Murderer rocks the Buchanan clan when Natalie is attacked!  But why is Blair with this nun?  What's more, what are Paul, River and Adriana planning?

Brock Cuchna (Paul), Matthew Twining (River) and Melissa Gallo (Adrianna)

Tuc Watkins (David),  Brock Cuchna (Paul), Matthew Twining (River) and Melissa Gallo (Adrianna)

The happy couple. Or are they?

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