November Sweeps 2004 ~ ABC Daytime

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See the forecast for Pine Valley, Port Charles, and Llanview

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On AMC, Babe will get her baby boy back...but at what cost? Will she lose Jamie, the man who cares for her the most, in the process? What about her best friend Bianca? Here’s what we do know -- Jamie, Babe, and baby James (formerly known as Ace) take off to start a new life away from Pine Valley. But Krystal, David, and Tad are hot on their trail. Will they be caught just as the truth about the switched babies comes out?

General Hospital's Alexis hid the truth about the father of her baby for three years. Now, to save her child's life, the truth must be revealed! Sonny knows he's the father. Just when you thought Sonny and Carly were indestructible, Sonny finds out that he's Kristina's father and that Carly kept it a secret from him all this time. What will he do now?

One Life to Live's Natalie will be overwhelmed when her husband Cristian Vega returns from the dead! But what about her feelings for John?  Paul Cramer had a lot of enemies on One Life to Live, so when he disappears, people in Llanview and Pine Valley have reason to celebrate. But it begins to look like Paul's not just gone, he's been murdered!  Can you count all the suspects?