New Year's Eve Week in Soapdom, 2002!

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Not sure how to ring in 2003? Treat yourself to a week of soaps

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC)New Year's Around The World!
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As we head into the third year of the 21st Century, Soapdom's gift to our subscribers is additional previews, over and above our regular Sneak Peeks, at what's happening on your show during New Year's Eve week.  Enjoy! 

All My Children

On Monday, December 30, 2002, ABC Daytime will air a special episode of All My Children entitled, “What Women Want.”  It will feature the young, career-driven women of Pine Valley.  In the story, Greenlee and Kendall create a new cosmetics company called Fusion. During a brainstorming session with their sexy gal pals Mia, Maggie, Simone and Laurie, they will discuss what they think their peers want out of life.  As each of these women fantasize, their deepest secrets and desires will reveal what each one really wants! 

Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose, ATWT)As the World Turns

In February 2003 the character of Dusty Donovan returns to Springfield. In this classic episode of As the World Turns, airing New Year’s Day, you’ll get another chance to catch up on the character of Dusty Donovan before Grayson McCouch joins the cast in February.  Originally airing on November 11, 1987, this episode focuses on the first-time Lily (Martha Byrne) and Dusty (played then by Brian Bloom) make love.

Thaao Penghlis (Tony, DOOL)Days of our Lives

Tony plays a big part in the New Year’s Eve episode, upsetting John and promising Sami that he will get to the bottom of Colin’s scheme. Meanwhile, Colin continues with his objective.  Later, a shaken Sami seeks comfort in the arms of Brandon, as Shawn and Belle plan their special night together.  But wait!  Will Cassie interfere?  Watch Days of our Lives on December 31, 2002 and see!

Gloria Stuart (Catherine, GH)General Hospital

Academy Award-nominated actress Gloria Stuart (Titanic) sets sail for a guest-starring role on ABC Daytime’s No. 1 drama, General Hospital.  Stuart portrays Catherine, the wife of a legendary Port Charles gangster in the New Year’s episode, set to air Tuesday, December 31, 2002.  When Carly and Ric stumble upon a speakeasy, Catherine tells them a haunting tale of New Year’s Eve in 1926.  Catherine’s story resonates with Carly’s fears for her husband, Sonny and his dangerous business dealings.  The tale unfolds as characters from present-day General Hospital portray their 1920 counterparts in vintage black and white scenes, paying homage to the “Roaring 20s.”  Will this venture back in time help Carly deal with life married to a mobster in the present?  Tune into General Hospital New Year’s Eve 2002 and see!

Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL)One Life to Live

2002 comes to a dramatic close in Llanview…especially when it comes to relationships.  An angry Lindsay confronts Troy about his engagement to Nora. But Troy discovers a shocking way to keep Lindsay quiet.  Will it jeopardize his relationship with Nora?  Meanwhile, Mitch discovers a way to use Cristian’s temper to his advantage.  Will he and his new ally, Jen, get everything they want in the New Year?  Later, Viki employs Nora to help free Natalie from Mitch.  Then, Seth witnesses a close moment between Jessica and Al. Will this mean trouble for his relationship with Jessica?  In the meantime, Max stuns Roxy when he comes to her defense. How will Roxy react?   Check in with One Life to Live on New Year’s Eve and find out!

Grant Aleksander (Phillip, GL)Guiding Light

As Phillip fights his feelings for his father's wife, relive Phillip's discovery that Alan isn't his natural father when Guiding Light airs a classic episode originally broadcast on August 29, 1983 on Wednesday, January 1, 2003.


Kelli McCarty (Beth, PAS)New Year’s Eve is a day of unrest in Harmony.  As couples that are destined to be together try to come together, there are those with vindictive agendas who strive to drive wedges between them.  What will it all mean for Charity and Miguel; Sheridan and Luis; Sam and Grace?  Are lives in danger?   Watch Passions and see!

Port Charles

Brian Gaskill (Rafe, PC)ABC Daytime will kick off the New Year in style with a brand new chapter in the Port Charles saga entitled “Surrender.”  This exciting premiere episode will air Monday, December 30 at a special time from 2-3 PM ET.  (One Life to Live will be pre-empted on this day.)  As the new story arc takes off, watch for the best laid wedding plans to not go as planned...