Most Memorable Moments in Soaps 2003 -- Your Picks

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Fans choose 2003's best moments in the word of daytime

Your Most Memorable Moments in Soaps…

In January, Soapdom published a list of our top fifteen most memorable moments in soaps for the year 2003.   But we deliberately left out some of the most memorable.  We then asked you to vote on our list and tell us how each entry would appear if they were on your top memorable moments.

We also asked you to tell us what we left out! 

Here are the results of your voting and your selection for what was most memorable to you in 2003!

First -- Here Again are Our Top Memorable Moments for 2003:

1) DOOL Serial Killer Storyline and Hollywood Premiere
2) ABC’s Fan February – You told them what scenes you wanted to see!
3) Port Charles and DOOL to air on SOAPnet
4) Cancellation of Port Charles
5) Real-Life Twin Assuming Role on Passions
6) Actors Switching Networks
7) Drastic Cuts Causing Firing of Actors
8) AMC’s Sexiest Man Contest
9) CBS College Talent Search for GL
10) NBC Fan Fest’s Free Admission
11) Y&R’s Brittany’s Strip Tease
12) AMC Michael Cambias Murder Mystery
13) OLTLs Al and Marcie Love Story
14) Kimberlin Brown’s Brief Return to B&B
15) Linda Dano Not Renewing Her ABC Contract

Based on Soapdom’s entries, your top memorable moments came in as follows:

1) DOOL Serial Killer Storyline and Hollywood Premiere
2) Drastic Cuts of Actors
3) Cancellation of Port Charles
4) OLTL’s Al and Marcie Love Story
5) B&B’s Kimberlin Brown’s Brief Return
6) AMC’s Michael Cambias Murder Mystery
7) ABC’s Fan February 2003
8) Actors switching networks
9) DOOL and PC to air on SOAPnet
10) Y&R’s Brittany’s Striptease
11) PAS Real life twin assuming role (Bruce and Seth Hall)
12) AMC Sexy Man Contest
13) OLTL Linda Dano not renewing contract
14) NBC Fan Fest Free Admission
15) CBS College Talent Search for GL

However, Soapdom deliberately left out a few memorable moments and asked you to include those most memorable to you.  Here are the most memorable moments you voted in! 

Those appearing in this list all get honorable mention as a number of you voted them in:

AMC – Bianca’s Rape
ATWT -- Rose Murder Mystery
ATWT -- Dr. Decker Serial Killer Storyline
ATWT—Paul Leyden leaving the show
ATWT – the story of the “diabolical” T. Marshall Travers
B&B – Brooke saying no to Ridge at the altar
B&B – Ridge chasing Brooke
DOOL—Belle and Shawn’s purity commitment and love story
GH – Jason and Courtney love story and wedding
GH – The return of Tracy
GL – Edmund and Cassie love story
OLTL – Bo and Nora finding out that Matthew is really Bo’s son
OLTL -- Clint Ritchie’s return as Clint
OLTL – Roger Howarth leaving the show.
OLTL – Walker is Todd
PAS -- Gwen and Ethan losing their baby
PAS -- Fox and Theresa’s sexy dance
PAS -- Sheridan and Luis reunion
PC -- The season finale and the weddings of Caleb and Livvie, and Alison and Rafe
Y&R – Nick turning against Victor
Y&R – Victor getting arrested.
Y&R – Ashley losing her baby and her mind.

But the number one, single most memorable moment in soaps in 2003 for you was, unequivocally, without a doubt –  Click here!

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