KeepSake ~ B&B's Stand Alone Christmas Episode Photos

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A pictoral smpling of B&B's holiday cheer

In case you missed it...

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Did you get to see the special stand alone Christmas Episode of The Bold and the Beautiful?  Nick and Ridge shook hands for an uneasy truce.  Ridge treated the family to a song, and a good time was had by all. 

Here are a  few photos from the episode.

John McCook (Eric), Susan Flannery (Stephanie), Ronn Moss (Ridge) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)

Schae Harrison (Darla), Winsor Harmon (Thorne), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), John McCook (Eric) and Sydney Penny (Samantha)

Ridge and Nick reach an uneasy truce. 

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Ronn Moss (Ridge), Jack Wagner (Nick), Lesley-Ann Down (Jackie), Joseph Mascolo (Masimo)

Photos (c) 2003 CBS