Heading Into May Sweeps 2004!

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Everything inside the bubble for May '04 Sweeps

Look at What’s Coming Up This Sweeps on Your Favorite Soap!

Read with Caution - Tons of Scoopage

What a sweeps is gonna be!  We’ve got a nuclear explosion in Harmony; a Mother’s Day brunch in Genoa City; two brides one groom, a missing child and her desperate parents, a pregnant mistress and an angry wife -  all on ABC Daytime; and, Jan’s dirty deeds finally get the better of Shawn as Marlena is left in mortal danger on Days of our Lives. 

All this before we even know what’s about to happen in Springfield, Los Angeles and Oakdale.

Well ATWT, B&B and GL fans -- we won't  keep you in suspense any longer. What’s about to happen this sweeps on ATWT, B&B and GL is sure to get your blood boiling.  There will be ill conceived wedding bells, meddling, and the loyal support of one young wife!  So sit back, relax and get a peek at May Sweeps 2004!

Oh yeah – one other thing. May Sweeps 2004 begins Thursday, April 29 and runs through and including Wednesday, May 26, 2004.  Get ready for a full month of surprises, fun, games, intrigue, romance, backstabbing, double dealing, health scares, and well you name it. After all – nothing is sacred and anything goes.  This is soapdom we’re talking about and it's May Sweeps 2004!

Hang on to your Remotes – Harmony is About to Explode
Passions May Sweeps Previews by James E. Reilly
As gowns are fitted and tuxes dry-cleaned, the tension mounts in Harmony.  This year’s Founders’ Day Dance promises more than fireworks - How ‘bout a nuclear explosion?
Luis’ plans to reveal the Cranes’ secrets and destroy Alistair and his empire are close to fruition.  Not only does he believe he’ll finally be able to persuade Sheridan to come back to him, if all goes well his family will get their jobs back and their home.    Nothing can go wrong - right?  Hmmm...  Alistair still has a trick or two up his sleeve...
Do you blame Sheridan for being confused?  Married to Antonio, plagued by memories of love for his brother, Luis, lectured at by her father, drugged and electro shocked by her psychiatrist - Is it any wonder she’s willing to leave Harmony and go back to St. Lisa’s?  Once she gets through the dance it’s off to the sunny islands... Or is it?  After the shocking finale of the dance Sheridan has a very different fate in store...  A little kidnapping starts off a stunning conclusion to Harmony’s hottest love triangle.
After nearly drowning in tuna fish to get her hands on tickets to the big dance, nothing will stop Kay Bennett from having the night of her dreams.  With a little help from Baby Endora, Miguel’s on her arm, the music is playing, she’s dressed in a truly magical gown...  And best of all, Charity’s dreams of making a big splash are going down the drain.  It’s the Dark Side version of Cinderella - But even in hell the clocks strike twelve...
In this cynical, high-speed age it’s sometimes difficult to slow down and remember those inspirational heart-to-heart talks we had with our parents - Unless you’re a Crane.  There’s not enough Scotch in the world to make you forget a little talk with Alistair, and poor Julian has a doozy coming up with his dear old Dad... 
It’s not all plots and machinations, however.   When Pilar’s disease gets to a critical stage the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s have to put aside their differences and come together - To say goodbye?  Love, faith and family - Those are what you hang on to in those depressing hospital corridors - That’s what you need to get you through the night.
A stunning new chapter in Harmony’s history begins as we travel to Mexico to meet some new characters - Heck, they’re not even in Harmony yet and already they’ve got secrets! 
And wait until you get a load of Theresa.  Pity the Founders’ Day Dance isn’t a costume ball...

Two Brides One Groom, A Missing Child and Her Desperate Parents, A Pregnant Mistress and An Angry Wife - All This And More On ABC Daytime In May

All My Children

Sweeping romance, new beginnings and deception will play out in May on All My Children. Taped on location at The Castle on the Hudson resort, a wedding triangle will unfold involving two brides and one groom. When love is just not enough, Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathsion) will leave his soul mate, Kendall Hart (Alicia Minshew), and plan to marry her nemesis, Greenlee du Pres (Rebecca Budig). It will be a race to the altar. Will Kendall be too late for her destiny?

While across the country, the curtain will rise on a new life for Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) as she takes center stage, stepping into a new pair of shoes as a Las Vegas showgirl. When Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) and her daughter, Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel), discover her secret, the Kane household may be torn apart, forever.

At the same time, deception will unfold in the Chandler household when JR Chandler (Jacob Young) confronts his wife, Babe Chandler (Alexa Havins), about her lies. Knowing Babe can get custody of their child, JR must become something he's tried to avoid becoming all his life... his father, Adam Chandler (David Canary). To overcome manipulation and lies, he must manipulate and lie, himself.

One Life to Live

This May, One Life to Live will reach beyond the town of Llanview to New York City for romance and danger. Determined youngster Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) has convinced her mother, Blair (Kassie DePaiva), to take her to New York City, where she plans to run away with her "soul mate," Travis (Connor Paolo), who she has met on the internet. A first kiss, a kidnapping and estranged parents slowly making their way back to each other all ensue with New York City as the backdrop.

Meanwhile, Natalie (Melissa Archer) finds herself choosing between Mr. Right ("John McBain" played by Michael Easton) and Mr. Right Now ("Paul Cramer" played by David Tom).

At the same time, the pillar of Llanview society, Viki Davidson (Erika Slezak), is a woman of great strength and character - but heart disease threatens to end it all.  Will she be able to beat this latest challenge?

Plus, the law will come looking for Dorian (Robin Strasser)...Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) goes undercover and his moonlighting gig will put a strain on his relationship, especially when Jessica (Bree Williamson) discovers what he has to do to get the job done.

Ransom, a love triangle with a surprising outcome, matters of life and death, explosive secrets and more this May on "One Life to Live."

General Hospital

On General Hospital, a baby is on the way, unlikely couples move closer together and a Quartermaine lives out his dream all as spring arrives, on a very captivating, intriguing and poignant May on the network's #1 daytime drama.

When mistress Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) becomes pregnant with mob boss Sonny Corinthos' (2003 Emmy nominee Maurice Benard) child, she contemplates whether to keep the child and tell her lover the baby is his. With the unlikely help of Jason (Steve Burton), she decides not to burden Sonny as he is trying to rebuild his marriage to Carly (2003 Emmy nominee Tamara Braun) and bring his family back together. But will Sonny ever find out the truth? More importantly, how will he deal with it if he does find out?

Meanwhile, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) still believes he is Connor Bishop, husband to Mary (newcomer Catherine Wadkins), but fiancée Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) senses he is alive. However, in her grief, she turns to Nikolas' brother, PCPD officer Lucky Spencer (Greg Vaughan), for comfort. As they find themselves in new relationships, will Nikolas and Emily ever find their way back to each other?

And Dillon Quartermaine (2003 Emmy nominee Scott Clifton) breaks ties with his dysfunctional family to live his dream and direct his first music video, bringing his true love, Georgie Jones (Lindze Letherman), along for the ride.

While over at NBC’s other soap –

Days of our Lives

Marlena gets set up.  And we mean “up.” Like up on the roof.  Marlena will be left in mortal danger on the roof!  Meanwhile, Lucas does his best to reassure Sami.  Of what is Lucas so certain? More importantly why? Will Sami buy his argument?

At the same time, Belle can’t seem to contact Shawn.  Is he alright or in some kind of trouble?  Has Jan’s plan finally kicked into full gear?

Oh and watch out.  Crystal Galore returns to Salem!  What is on this ex-striper’s agenda?

And that’s just for the first week of sweeps!   As the month progresses, Nicole enlists help in eliminating all ties to Victor’s death. Who does she recruit?  Can Brady be duped enough by her scheming ways to come to her aid? If not Brady, than who?

At the same time, Kate encourages Philip to go after Belle. Will Philip take Kate’s advice and make a play for the girl of his dreams?  Has Belle totally forgotten her feelings for Shawn?  Speaking of Shawn, Jan makes her move on him.   How will he react?

In more serial killer developments, Bo and Hope work hard to seal Marlena’s murder conviction as John continues to struggle with the fact that Marlena’s the serial killer.

While across town, as Celeste warns of more death in Salem, Patrick and Jennifer grow closer.  But it is not long before Celeste’s premonitions come true. Someone will die.

Young and the Restless

It’s fun and games of a mother-daughter, mother-son, and grandmother-grandson kind in May on the Young and the Restless.  Watch for the fireworks to kick in at the Mother’s Day brunch. 

First of all, Kay (Jeanne Cooper) accepts a helping hand from Father Todd Williams (guest star Corbin Bernsen, Cooper's real-life son) as Paul (Doug Davidson), his mother Mary (Carolyn Conwell), Kay's daughter, Jill (Jess Walton) and Jill's adoptive mother Liz (Julianna McCarthy) look on.

Shortly thereafter, Jill is horrified by Kay's behavior at the Mother's Day Brunch.  However, it’s not long before Jill is caught between a rock and a hard place as she referees between her two mothers, Kay (Jeanne Cooper) and Liz (Julianna McCarthy).

Meanwhile, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will engage in a serious conversation with Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) at the Mother's Day Brunch.  What has Victor got up his sleeve this time?  Are Dru and Neil on Victor’s side on this, or not?

Additionally, Wayne Brady shows up in Genoa City with his real-life grandmother, Valerie Petersen!  What words of wisdom will Grandma Peterson impart?

Bold and the Beautiful

Our info is a tad sketchy for B&B, but we were able to find out about Amber and what happens she learns about Hector’s secret.  Will Caitlin be reunited with her mother as a result?

Meanwhile, the Nick and Brooke fans will delight in the preparations for Nick and Brooke’s wedding. But as the plans get underway, will Ridge’s love for Brooke be able to stop them?

Speaking of Brooke, she will get a rude awakening when Eric reveals a startling truth to her.  What will she learn?  We don’t know for sure but we do know this.  Ridge will make a surprise career move! 

While across the city, Jackie is acting more odd as the month progresses.  Will her peculiar behavior cause Massimo to wonder what his wife is hiding?  Stay tuned…

As the World Turns

Rosanna and Jordan’s relationship takes an interesting turn, all for the sake of Cabot.  Wait – are they in a wedding chapel? Could that possibly mean that, no, yes?  They get married? 

In the meantime, Margo will make a revealing admission. Question is to whom does she fess up and why?  At the same time, Lily gets an eye opener when it comes to Dusty’s devious dealings.  Will Dusty come clean and make it right, or is he up to his same old tricks?

Speaking of resorting to trickery, will Barbara finally see the light in regard to her blindness?  Does the truth come out at last? 

While on the other side of town, Katie gets totally freaked out by Pilar’s latest scheme. And that’s not all!  Watch for a blast from the past to return to Oakdale this sweeps.  How will Katie react?

Guiding Light

What one does for love, for family, for peace of mind.  Or – under the pressure of someone else. Say for example Jeffrey’s pressuring Danny to go ever deeper into the world of the underworld.  Tony disagrees with Danny’s return to the life, but surprisingly, Michelle continues to stand by her husband even when it’s clear that she and he will pay a dear price for the necessary deception.

At the same time, Gus’ undercover operation hits a snag, but he still gets what he wants. A transfer to narcotics.  What will that mean for his future?

Across town, Tammie’s jig is up when Lizzie admits what she saw.  But does Lizzie have Tammie’s best interests at heart, or is she – as always – looking out for number one, especially where Joey is concerned?

While at Ravenwood, Olivia continues to manipulate the situation until Phillip takes matters into his own hands. What results will be a true battle of the sexes or rather, a dangerous game of sexual chicken.  Who will cop out first?