GL’s Bradley Cole Rocks the House

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Blast from the past: Bradley Cole Band conquers NYC's live music scene

With obvious influences like the Beatles, Buddy Holly, The Traveling Wilburys and Jimmy Buffet, Bradley Cole (Jeffrey, GL) rises to the heights of his “other” career, that of professional singer/songwriter/musician with his latest CD, In Our Time.  Michael Logan of TV Guide once wrote in regard to the CD: “It’s a sweet, rambunctious, romantic ode to the 1960s, and so retro, it’s groundbreaking.”  Soapdom totally agrees. 

The sound could be called soft rock.  Cole refers to it as "psychodelic folk rock!"  There is poignant guitar accompaniment, clever lyrics and on some tracks you could swear you were listening to the “new” one by The Beatles or Buddy Holly!   Not only that, one of the musicians who plays with Cole on the CD is Jonathan Pousette-Dart, a guy from Soapdom’s Linda Marshall-Smith’s home turf!

“When I was a pre-teen we’d go to this club on Sunday afternoons. It was a soda and burger place that had local bands perform.  Jonathan Pousette-Dart was the tall, lanky blonde lead guitarist in a band called Terry and the Tigers,” revealed Marshall-Smith.  “He was so cute!  I played guitar too and he showed me a few riffs!  I was smitten. When I learned he was playing with Bradley Cole, it brought it full circle for me.  It really is a small world, especially for that once impressionable pre-teen who had a big crush on a hot guitarist!” 

Soapdom Special Contributor, Phyllis A. Tremblay enjoyed The Bradley Cole band up close and personal at a recent concert engagement in New York City.  Thanks to Nomadic Music’s Suzi Castellaw, Tremblay got to sit down with Cole and talk about his music and his role as both Jeffrey and Richard on Guiding Light.  Turns out, Tremblay has her own experience with Bradley Cole Band contributor Jon Pousette-Dart!  Read on…

Bradley Cole Band at the Cutting Room, NYC

On Saturday, October 11, 2003 Bradley Cole and the Bradley Cole Band entertained a Standing Room Only (SRO) crowd for two shows at the Cutting Room Nightclub in New York City.  The Cutting Room is a small, rustic-type club.  The usual seating plan of four people to a table had to be changed at the last minute to accommodate the Bradley Cole audience.  Out went the tables and in came rows and rows of chairs arranged in auditorium style.  Behind the chairs were another two rows of SRO places.  The Bradley Cole concerts were completely sold-out!

The audience, predominantly female, ranged from 27 to 77.  One woman from St. Louis said that this was her fifth time seeing Bradley in concert.  She knew many of the fans in the audience as well.  It was clear to see that Bradley has a large fan following.  Also sprinkled throughout the crowd, were familiar Guiding Light cast members.  Marj Dusay (Alexandra), Beth Chamberlin (Beth), Laura Wright (Cassie), and Michael Swan (Brad) were in the audience for the 8:00 show along with surprise performers Kim Zimmer (Reva), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus).  The great thing about the Cutting Room was that Kim, Paul and Ricky could remain hidden from the audience while enjoying the show.  Another featured performer was Jon Pousette-Dart.  Jon collaborated with Bradley on the new CD, In Our Time, but what was of particular interest to me was that Jon and his band got their start in Boston during my college hey-days.  His wife was sitting directly behind me.  This reporter felt right at home.

Bradley started the show with the first track on the CD, “Save Me” and followed it with the title track “In Our Time.”  While the music was new to me, the audience not only knew the songs, they were literally dancing in their seats.  Bradley’s music relies on strong guitar solos as well as moving lyrics.  Bradley is a trained classical guitarist and that fact is obvious by the number of guitars he uses during his show.  While his quiet nature surfaced when he spoke to the audience, his guitar playing spoke quite boldly much to the delight of his audience.  Bradley got constant support from his GL castmates, the most vocal being Kim Zimmer and Marj Dusay. 

It’s not like Bradley Cole’s music wasn’t enough to satisfy his devoted fans, but Bradley took things a step further when he surprised his audience with Guiding Light castmates.  Kim Zimmer  (Reva) joined Bradley in a duet for the song “Don’t Do That.”  It was obvious that they were in their glory singing together.  As if that was not enough, while Bradley was busy playing his guitar, Kim continuously pinched his butt while singing “Don’t Do That.”  He was essentially defenseless and the audience shrilled with delight.  (If only they could do that!)

Thanks to the fan from St. Louis who was sitting beside me, I was constantly informed of what CD the songs being performed came from.  Bradley focused on the new ‘album’ (titled “Bradley Cole, In Our Time”) for most of the show.  However, when he told us of his right of passage that ordinarily takes someone a few years but took him 15, he performed a song from “All Your Dreams”.  (“All Your Dreams” was recorded when Bradley came back from living in Paris for close to 15 years.)

The next surprise was an appearance from Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny, GL) who joined Bradley and vocalist Curtis King on “In Another World.” The harmonies were great and the fans loved seeing Paul having fun.  (Quite out of character for the likes of Danny Santos, who would never allow himself to sing and have fun!  LOL)

In previous interviews about “In Our Time” Bradley shied away from calling his music ‘retro’ but it’s hard not to describe it that way when the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, the Everly Brothers and U2 influence it.  I found it very hard not to think of where I was when I first heard Jimmy Buffett or the Everly Brothers.  Bradley himself mentioned his appreciation of the Beatles before one of his songs.  At one point I could swear that George Harrison was jamming right along with the band.

Before the first show was over, Bradley had also brought Jon Pousette-Dart in to jam.  But the surprise performer that really made people scream was none other than Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus).  Bradley and Ricky really rocked the crowd with the Bo Diddley hit “Who Do You Love.”  Oddly enough there was a line in the song that prompted very vocal audience participation.  First Bradley would sing “Somebody Scream” and while the audience participated, Ricky wailed “Somebody Scream” and the decibels just got louder.  It was a very upbeat and fun way to end the first show.  The Bradley Cole Band featuring Bradley Cole was met with a standing ovation.

What I was not aware of at the beginning of the 8:00 show was that at least 40% of the fans were staying for both shows.  Bradley’s fans were great and I was glad to be a part of it.

The next thing I knew, the show was over.   As I was exiting, I ran directly into David Andrew MacDonald (Edward, GL).  He was at the bar looking very rested and eager to meet with the fans.  I then was whisked off to a quieter place in the Cutting Room to talk with Bradley for our one-on-one interview for

The Interview

Phyllis A. Tremblay not only got to spend the evening rocking out to The Bradley Cole Band, she was in the enviable position to go backstage and interview him between shows just for Sit back, relax and read what Bradley has to say about his music and his role on Guiding Light!

Tremblay: Where does your true passion lie, in your music or your acting?

Cole: Music has always been my passion.

PT: From just watching your show, it’s obvious that music is a deep passion for you.  But most of your fans first met you on Guiding Light.  If you had to choose between music and acting, what would you choose?

BC: I don’t know if I could choose, you know.  I think that I feel like music is a big part of my life, and always has been.  I can’t imagine my life without music.  The same time, I really enjoy acting and that’s my livelihood.

PT: So one supports the other?

BC: I think that one hand washes the other.

PT: It seems that the inner Bradley comes out more in the music.

BC: Oh does it?  When I’m performing as an actor, I’m interpreting someone else’s script unless I wrote the thing myself.  I perform my own music.  It’s a lot more personal.

PT: Changing venues here, what direction would you like to see Jeffrey go in?

BC: The direction that he is in now.  I think that he is so much fun to play.

PT: Do you consider him a villain? Or evil?

BC: I think that Jeffrey is displaying certain sides of himself and there are other sides of Jeffrey to be peeled back that have not been revealed yet.  I think that we are still discovering who he is.

PT: Does Jeffrey have a love interest right now?

BC: I don’t know if you can label it a love interest but he is in a relationship with Beth.  Whether it’s a love affair of some kind…

PT: When you parallel this relationship to Richard and Cassie…

BC:That WAS a love interest.  I really like the characters of Jeffrey and Beth; both of them are a little off kilter, a little eccentric.  They have their quirks; they make an interesting dynamic.  I think its fun to watch the two together.  I think that he brings out, you know, a part of Beth that no one has ever seen.  And it’s also that they’re sexually attracted to each other and it’s like an addiction.  It’s funny, I think a lot of people have experienced that, where you say ‘oh my God, I’m never gonna do something like this again.  I can’t believe I did this with this person and then you see them and ah ha, you go right back into their arms.  It’s kinda like that with them.  I think that they are really attracted to each other.  They can’t help themselves and it’s kinda funny.

We spoke about the dynamic of his audience with fans ranging from 27 to 77.  We then spoke about his resemblance to a young Richard Chamberlain.  While quite flattered by the comparison, it provided a lead in to the next question;

PT: Would you like to do Broadway?

BC: Of course, I’d love to do Broadway.

PT: Would you like to do a musical?  What roles tempt you at this time?

BC: Billy Flynn in “Chicago” or Harold Hill in “The Music Man.”

With theatre, television acting and musical talent under his belt, Broadway could very well be Cole’s next oyster.  While we can continue to see Bradley on Guiding Light as Jeffrey, we can also check out his latest CD, In Our Time.  Go to for details.

Order In Our Time at or send a check /money order for $14.99, plus $2.98 shipping and handling ($4.09 for shipping outside the US) to:  Nomadic Music, P.O. Box 1852, New York, NY 10163