GH's Vanessa Marcil Opens Up!

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Las Vegas's Vanessa Marcil touches base with soap community

Vanessa Marcil (ex Brenda, GH)Marcil On Las Vegas, General Hospital, and Her Very First Acting Role!

On Monday, September 22, 2003 at 10 PM on NBC, Vanessa Marcil debuts on the slick new primetime drama, Las Vegas.  She is in good company. The show boasts such A-list talent as James Caan, along with ABC Daytime’s Emmy Award winner, Josh Duhamel (ex Leo, AMC).   How did Marcil, a Daytime Emmy winner herself, feel about working with such heavy hitters?

“I am having a great time (on Las Vegas.),” said Marcil.  “It’s amazing.  James Caan is a legend. I am learning a lot just from watching him!”

When I mentioned that I felt Las Vegas had all the makings of a hit, Marcil remained cautiously optimistic and shared her back-up plan.

Vanessa Marcil (as Sam in Las Vegas) “I just love working,” she said. “Whether or not it ‘makes it’ makes no difference to me because I can always go back to General Hospital, which I love!  I miss doing that show all the time.”

Talk about crossing paths. I first met Marcil in the summer of 1992, just prior to her landing the role of Brenda Barrett on General Hospital. She had been cast as a supporting character in a short film called “Nana to the Beach,” of which my husband was the Location Manager.  It was a poignant story of a young boy whose grandmother – a mentor –  passes away.  In a supporting role, a young girl sparks notions of romance in the young boy’s mind, reinforcing the notion that life goes on.  That was Marcil.  It was her first acting job.

At a pool party to kick off production of the project, I was introduced to Marcil.  Somewhere around my home, we probably even have a vhs copy of the film!   It wasn’t long after production wrapped on “Nana to the Beach” that she got the contract role on GH. I have been a big fan of her work ever since.

Vanessa Marcil (ex Brenda, GH)“Oh, you’re kidding!,” she said with a big smile when I told her of our initial meeting, and my husband’s role in her first short film.  “I remember him!” she said with a big smile.  “I remember the project. I remember everyone on the project. It was my first acting job!”

We talked a little about the writer/director of “Nana to the Beach,” and a few of his subsequent projects, including one called “Sweethearts,” that starred Jeanne Garafolo and Margaret Cho.  “I remember that script,” Marcil said. “I loved that script.”  If memory serves, the writer/director sent her the script for her consideration as the star.  She passed and Jeanne Garafolo got the part.

Soapdom wishes her all the best on her new show Las Vegas. Las Vegas premieres Monday, September 22, 2003 at 10 PM on NBC.

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