GH’s Stavros Returns

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Robert Kelker-Kelly brings back Luke Spencer's archenemy Stavros

Robert Kelker-Kelly on Christmas in Port Charles!

Christmas will never be the same on General Hospital as Robert Kelker-Kelly resurrects Luke's greatest nemesis, Stavros Cassadine, and takes Luke on a Scrooge-inspired journey Dec. 24.

"I was in chains, the costume was trashed, and I had white makeup on. I went to lunch and scared people," chuckles Kelker-Kelly, who appears as the Jacob Marley character.

Since Stavros met his apparent death by falling into a pit in 2001, Luke has a hard time believing he's back from the dead. "He denies it completely," Kelker-Kelly explains. A few glimpses into the future, and Luke realizes this ain't no fairy tale.

While the Marley in Charles Dickens's famed saga warns Scrooge of his gloomy fate if he doesn't change his ways, Kelker-Kelly admits that Stavros is seeking a slightly different ending for Luke. "He really expects Luke to fail, and is looking forward to marching along with him