GH February Sweeps 2004

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Sweeps show huge story lines in store for Port Charles

A Marriage Crumbles, a Fire, a Daring Helicopter Rescue and More on GH this Sweeps!

For two entire weeks (2/2 to 2/6 and 2/9 to 2/13), a huge storyline will develop on GENERAL HOSPITAL… a “Towering Inferno”-type fire will ravage the Port Charles Hotel with the entire cast involved… changing storylines and characters forever. Some will not make it out alive!

As a fire rips through the Port Charles Hotel, it sears everyone in its path. The biggest storyline in the history of GH is about to be lit. What couples will reunite? What secrets will be revealed in the face of danger? What enemies will have to work together? When the fire goes out, some will live, some will die, and no one will ever be the same again!

This will be the first time a story and production values of this magnitude will unravel on a daytime drama.  CGI, special effects (including a helicopter rescue scene) and on-location shooting will all be used during the production process… making it exciting indeed!  The series – which last year celebrated its 40th year on ABC – continues to be one of the top rated network daytime shows.  Stay tuned to Soapdom. com for your first looks at the GH Inferno storyline.... 

Here's a peek at what's happening the week of February 2, 2004!
By Sunni

Things get a little toasty this week on General Hospital when faulty wiring sparks and sends the Port Charles Hotel up in flames.

"Everyone keeps asking if I started the fire," chuckles Cynthia Preston, who plays vengeful Mafia widow Faith Rosco. Sprung from her imprisonment in Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane, Faith is on her way out of the building as the fire begins to claim lives.

"She sees people calling for help, but instead of rushing to their aid, she wants to know, 'What do I get out of it?'" Faith comes around, but it isn't enough to save all the victims, some who been pulled into her inner circle. "She realizes that it is unfortunate [to lose lives], but that's all she feels," Preston surmises. "It's a great example of how cold she is."

One person who has gotten past her steely exterior is Justus, who had a connection with Faith before he resurfaced in Port Charles. "He sees her as a real person, that she is indeed a genuine human being. There is more to be revealed between them during the fire," Preston teases.

Your First Look Photos!

Chad Brannon (Zander) and Natalia Livingston (Emily)

Tamara Braun (Carly), Ted King (Lorenzo), Greg Vaughan (Lucky) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) as Carly fights for her children!

Does Sage continue to get into Georgie's face?

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