Days of our Lives' Galen Gering: adjusting to change

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Galen Gering, Rafe, Days of our LivesGalen Gering has been a leading man on the soaps for the last 15 years. First, as Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions and now as Rafe Hernandez on Days of our Lives.  He said playing Rafe  has had its ups and downs, but mostly he calls it "a blessing and fantastic."

"I really do. Especially here on Days. When Passions ended, I admit I really missed that show, and to be given a second chance is wonderful," Gering said. "I came onto Days with a fantastic storyline, and I work with the greatest people. What more can you ask for?"

Gering explained that the transition between Passions to Days was easy. There were ties between the two shows and the powers that be were very familiar with his work.

Gering admitted that he loves daytime TV, but has seen the changes and weathered the storms. He has noticed a change in the shows financial aspect to produce, as well as the budget cuts.

"You know...honestly what we did years ago, would never be allowed today," he said. "For example...the special effects on Passions. Today! Never. It would cost a fortune, but I guess you have to adjust like everyone else."

Gering also revealed that contracts today are not what they used to be. Saying, "If someone wants to get super rich, I will tell you, this is not the business."

He also said that the shows years back shot all year. Today you're minus about 15 weeks out of the year, along with more hiatus. Also overtime is out of the question and actors need to be out by 6 PM. Lets just say that everyone is doing their part in keeping the show on the air.

So how does a typical day of shooting go?  Actors run lines quickly with other actors, do camera blocking and shoot the scenes with little or no retakes. Days of our Lives also shoots about four months in advance, and more shows are done per day, as well as more scenes are shot. For example...if the hospital set is up, you will get the most out of it.

On the upside! Gering loves the split shift, saying that you either do mornings or afternoons. "I prefer the afternoons. I get to be a dad and a husband and get chores done. Personally I like this. I have a life."

Galen Gering (Rafe, Days of our Lives)  all decked out at the Daytime Emmys

Gering said that although the cuts are there and things have changed, he loves Days and Rafe. "I admit, this is a great job with a lot of freedom. I do have a home life and get to be the 'all around guy.' Sometimes it's not always the money, but you need the passion and be comfortable in what you do, and I feel I am."

He also said that he loves the dynamics of the character. He goes through a lot and you never know where he is going. "I'm just coming out of a coma," he reflects, laughing. "Should be interesting what Rafe is up to next, or who he will land up with."

Away from the soap world, Gering, is quite the handyman. Around the home he is quite the fixer upper and loves to landscape. "I do. It's therapeutic. I have done my whole home," he said. "I love my yard, and sometimes I go off a blue print and sometimes I just go for it. I love outdoor work. Recently, I built and recycled a wooden planter. Came out good!"

Gering and his beautiful wife, Jenna, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary of their first date. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their children, Phoenix and Jensen. "I'm always being dad. Camping, volleyball, going to the beach, the whole bit."

Soapdom wants to know if there is anything you'd like to tell your fans? "Yes! I adore you and Thank You, and I love it when the women fight over whom I'm to be with," he chuckled.



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