Fall Previews ~ More on ABC Daytime's Big 5 Returns

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Five fan favorites return to daytime, big season expected for ABC

Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH)Read with Caution
Contains scoopage!

The week of Sept. 29 will be action packed as five of your ABC favorites return! The excitement kicks off on Sept. 30, when Ingo Rademacher leaps back into the role of Jax on General Hospital. The dashing hero becomes embroiled in a new adventure that will have him crossing paths with the daring and sexy Samantha McCall, who is being played by former Port Charles knockout, Kelly Monaco.

KellyMonaco (Sam, GH)The actress's GH entrance -- which involves her character's escape from jail -- takes place on Oct. 1. Samantha and Jax will be vying for the same prize in a high stakes competition that promises plenty of thrills and fun!That same day,

Tony Geary (Luke, GH)





Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) will be making his presence felt on GH when he learns his son Lucky has joined the police force. This might cause a problem, since Luke wants justice for Summer's murder and plans to kidnap his arch-enemy, Stefan. What happens when Luke conducts a mock trial before the entire town is anyone's guess.

Michael Easton (John, OLTL)


Also on Oct. 1, Michael Easton takes a bite out of Llanview when he lands on One Life to Live as mysterious pool scout John McBain. Easton sent hearts racing on Port Charles as sexy vampire Caleb Morley. On OLTL, he will butt heads with Cristian as John tries to get Natalie to take part in a major pool tournament. Soon, John will reveal a dark side as we see his determination to get what he wants.

Jacob Young (JR, AMC)



Lastly, on Oct. 2, Jacob Young, fresh from his "Lucky" role on GH, joins All My Children. The talented actor will be bringing a new maturity and self-assurance to the role of Adam Chandler's son, JR. Those closest to him will soon learn the source of the change in JR when he introduces his new girlfriend to them. Watch as reactions to the pairing cover the spectrum -- especially step-brother Jamie.

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