DOOL’s Kirsten Storms' Fantasy Storyline

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What Kirsten Storms would write for her character Belle on DOOL

Kirsten Storms (Belle, DOOL)Not Shawn!  Not Philip!  DOOL’s Belle Would Want Another Guy!

Day in and day out actors head to the studio to perform words and actions that are written for them and their characters. Did you ever wonder what the actors would like to see happen for their characters, over and above what’s written in the script? 

Soapdom recently nabbed several top daytime stars and asked them this:   What would be your fantasy storyline?  You wouldn’t believe some of the fun responses we received.  Over the course of the next few weeks, we will run their answers. First up -- Days of our Lives Kirsten Storms (Belle).

“My fantasy storyline has nothing to do with Shawn or Philip,” said Days of our Lives Kirsten Storms (Belle). “I said from day one that I want Jensen Ackles (ex Eric) to come back to the show. Then, they need to find out that Eric and Belle are not really related.  And then, Eric and Belle can get together!  But it has to be Jensen,” she reiterated. “No other Eric will do.” 

Very interesting, no? We asked Storms if she had ever mentioned this particular scenario to DOOL producer Ken Corday.

“I’ve mentioned it a few times to Ken,” she said with a laugh. “He didn’t act like it was going to happen any time soon!” 

Storms also shared that things were very interesting on the show now that James E. Reilly is back in the headwriter’s seat. 

“It had never been to a point where I got chills reading the script, but I got goose bumps just reading the story that is coming up!”  Storms revealed. 

Hang on to your remotes, Days fans.  Sounds like things are definitely heating up in Salem!