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Salem Stalker Posters for new Soapdom subscribers

Get Yours!  Here's How:

Want your very own one-of-a-kind Salem Stalker Poster?  We are talking four-color, movie marquee-sized, special edition one-sheet poster of the Salem serial killer storyline. You've heard about the Hollywood Premiere of never before seen episodes of Days of our Lives at the Arclight Cinerama Dome on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA?  You've seen the full-sized poster here at, well, now you can get your very own copy.

Thanks to a special arrangement with Days of our Lives, Soapdom has secured a number of copies of the poster. To get yours you must subscribe to for 6 months at $19.95. We will send your poster, free of any shipping and handling charges (we'll pay those) to you within the next few weeks.

There is one small catch. We need to know that you are a Days of our Lives fan.  Be sure to select Days of Our Lives as your favorite soap in your member profile.  To access your member profile, log in from the home page.  Click GO to complete log in. Then, find the "member profile" tab on the left. You will ONLY see this tab AFTER log in. Open to your account summary page. Click "edit profile settings."  Select Days as your favorite soap!

It's that simple. Just subscribe to Soapdom for 6 months at $19.95, tell us Days is your favorite soap, and get your free, one of a kind, Salem Stalker poster. 

You must subscribe for 6 months at $19.95 to participate in this special offer.  Subscribe to Soapdom for 6 months today and assure yourself a copy of this one-of-a kind keepsake of Days of our Lives!  While supplies last.

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