DOOL November 2003 Sweeps Previews!

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Salemites take drama beyond the serial killer this November

Soapdom Special Days of Our Lives November Sweeps 2002 Previews

They are short and cryptic -- but very ingriguing!  Hang on to your remotes, Days fans. It's sure to be a wild Sweeps in Salem!

The Salem Serial Killer continues to terrorize Salemites by taking more lives.  Who are the next to go?
Then, in the midst of the slaughter, the serial killer contacts Bo Brady. What will Bo do next?

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, Victor offers Nicole an out from their marriage. Does she take the bait?  One thing is for sure. Watch for Nicole to set her sights on another man.  Any guesses who it could be?

A DiMera is arrested for murder. Is it Tony? Is he the killer, or is he the next to be killed? Or, could it be Rex?  Or....?

Lucas discovers Kate’s secret. What does he do with his newfound knowledge?  Shortly thereafter, Lumi fans rejoice!  Sami and Lucas have an intimate encounter.  Are they on their way back to each other at long last?

In the meantime, Shawn takes drastic steps to ensure Belle’s safety as Mimi questions Rex’s unusual behavior.

Finally, an ex-Salemite returns to Salem.  The show is remaining very tight-lipped on this one -- wouldn't even share it "off the record," so your guess is as good as ours as to who will return. All we can say is keep your remotes glued to Days of our Lives this November to see what happens next!